Expecting Something Good To Happen

The world we travel through every day is filled with the results of our expectations. Nothing makes more sense then, than to expect the best. Expecting is seeing and when we see with our physical eyes what we have been dreaming about, that just gives us more proof of the power of our thoughts.

expectin something good to happen

Its our life, why not expect the best?  :-)


Awesome photo courtesy of Viktor Hanacek over at PicJumbo. com

8 Comments on “Expecting Something Good To Happen”

  1. Jeffry

    What we think is going to happen usually does. Might as well expect that thing to be good, I guess.

    1. Michael

      It is true. Maybe not always in exact detail, like if you expect your million dollars to show up at your door in small unmarked bills, but abundance and prosperity, surely expecting that brings much more of it into your life than expecting poverty.

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