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Doug Petersen Interview

One of the great things about publishing a site full of positive thinking ideas is that you get to meet all kinds of great positive thinking people. Doug Petersen is a great example of a positive thinking thought leader. On his website, his motto is "Inspire! Making A Difference By Inspiring Others". A career aviator and award winning author, he travels the country speaking and working with organizations large and small conducting inspirational and creative workshops.

We got the opportunity to go behind the scene with Doug to get first hand knowledge of his history and how he came to be one of the most inspirational speakers of our time. Make sure you check out his answer to our last question.

We asked Doug a few questions about his background and his current work and here is what we found out. The questions we asked are in bold.

Doug Petersen Interview

Michael Shook @ALOL: Could you tell me a little bit about your background.

Doug Petersen: I grew up on the East Coast. Shortly after I entered a military college, I enlisted in the US Army and went to flight school to learn to fly helicopters. I am a decorated Vietnam veteran, flying medical evacuation helicopters. I completed a twenty-year military career as an aviator in the United States Army.
I continued to serve others by working in the financial services industry for twenty-five years, helping families with their financial security.

Today I take deep-seated passion in making a difference in the lives of others through my positive life-affirming messages, and am fulfilling my life’s purpose by inspiring people into action. I am an award-winning author of six enlightening, thought-provoking books, reaffirming the good in all of us. My fourth and fifth books were the 2012 and 2013 Global EBook winners under the Inspirational/Visionary Non-fiction category.

Today, I help organizations see how their professional and personal core values impact their clients, customers, and coworkers. I have facilitator experience for workshops on personal values, discovering a person’s life purpose, relieving stress through guided meditations, life integration, and other similar topics.

Michael Shook @ALOL: Please tell me about how you came to be such a positive person.

Doug Petersen: I attended a five-day retreat sponsored by the company I was working for at the time. It was focused on self-reflecting, and self-developing more than anything else. As a result, my core values were awakened to a level I had not experienced before.

I realized that my core values were very much part of the life I wanted to live, and I focused on making them stronger and more a part of my daily life. As a result, I started sharing positive messages with friends, and soon realized that they were thirsting for the same revelation.

I discovered my purpose in life: “My life's purpose is to mentor and inspire an awakening in others, through care and compassion, a self-awareness of their personal values and self-worth.”

Michael Shook @ALOL: Please tell me about one of the most significant emotional events of your past and how that influenced your positive outlook on life.

Doug Petersen: One may think that saving American lives in Vietnam would be my most significant. I was shot down twice during several missions, and it is my hope that there is a Vietnam Veteran walking around today because of what I did in Vietnam.

Still others may think that the most significant event in my life would be family events; marriage, birth of two great sons, their graduations, and marriages.

Today I would say the most significant emotional event was the day I decided to stop feeding the evil wolf of alcoholism. It was that day, July 11, 2001, that I started on a new journey of recovery.

Each day in recovery puts me in a state of gratitude, and realize how blessed I am to have the life I have today. My past has not always been pretty, but my past is what has brought me to this place and time. Today I can say I love who I am today, and if I can love me, I can love others more intently.

Michael Shook @ALOL: Please tell me about your biggest dream right now

Doug Petersen: My biggest dream is to broaden my professional speaking engagements, so that I may share my purpose in life. My dream is inspire others to see their self-worth, and how their values are making a difference in the world.

Michael Shook @ALOL: Please tell me about your biggest fear about that dream.

Doug Petersen: Fear is something that is a part of life, but I discovered that courage allows me to face whatever fear may enter into my day. I also know that faith and fear cannot coexist. With that said, as long as courage and faith, a couple of my core values, will keep fear in its place.

Michael Shook @ALOL: Please tell me about your life if you knew you only had one week to live.

Doug Petersen: If I were to have only one week to live, I would want to be with my family. I would want them to know how much I loved them and that the legacy I would want to leave them is that I was a man, who did his best.

Michael Shook @ALOL: If you were coaching them, what is the most important thing you could tell our audience right now.

Doug Petersen: My primary keynote speech’s message is for the audience to realize that they make a difference in someone’s life everyday. If could be a positive difference, or it could be a negative one.

When greed, hatred, anger and resentments control our daily life, we spread that negativity to others. However, if we live our lives through our core values of courage, respect, integrity, serving others, truthfulness, authenticity, and love, we will touch the life of another person with positivity. It’s up to each of us to make the decision each day, who we will be today; that is how we will touch the life of someone else.

Doug Petersen is one of those positive thinking people you really want on your team. His insights, workshops and books have helped to change the lives of thousands.

Please stop by his website at or his Facebook page

When you are looking for coaching or inspirational leadership in your life or that of your organizations, you can contact Doug Petersen by calling him at 817-690-8321 or by sending an email.



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  1. Robin

    Initially when I saw this interview was “written” vs a video, I was not going to read it for a couple of reasons. First, I have to monitor the time I spend on my computer due to potential vision problems, but secondly … just being lazy & easier to watch something. I’m happy to have taken a few extra minutes this morning as part of my spiritual routine to read your interview with Doug. You can never have enough positive affirmations in your day. Doug’s story goes along with living a wonderful life simply by doing so with love, kindness & compassion. I lost my husband suddenly 5-1/2 months ago and the love, kindness & compassion of God & everyone around me helps to move forward … staying on the path of positivity!



    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Robin, I am very glad you decided to read the interview. I am so sorry about your husband, we will send our prayers with love to you. You are so right, staying on the path of positivity works. 🙂

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