David Hamilton Interconnectedness Experiment

David Hamilton Interconnectedness Experiment

The Right Place At The Right Time

Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time; OK, you are always really in the right place at the right time, but sometimes that place and time seem a bit more awesome to be at than others.

Today was one of those days when I got an email in my box from David Hamilton. He was writing about an experiment he had done about the nature of interconnectedness of life. He and a group of participants had set up this experiment during a conference he was running this past June.

The results were fascinating.

We know for sure that people are connected to each other no matter what the conditions of time and space are, but his experiment showed the results of deliberate attempts of a small group of people to influence the heartbeat of another person.

Not in a bad way, of course, they were sending her thoughts of loving-kindness. The members of the group selected one of themselves to be the test subject and she went off into another room away from the other participants.

The experiment itself was pretty simple, at particular times, the group members would concentrate on sending thoughts of loving-kindness to the lady in the other room. The results (if any) were going to measured using one of those heart monitors like they use in Heart Math with the result graphed along a set of X and Y axes.

The graph itself displayed the results over time of how the woman’s heart rate changed over time and how that corresponded with the timing of the group of people sending her thoughts of loving-kindness.

It sounds simple when we think about it, of course this is how the Universe operates, but seeing the effects on a person’s heart from intentional kind thoughts was really pretty cool. And just one of things that seems to make perfect sense when you think about it.

Check out the original article here: David Hamilton Interconnectedness Experiment

He reports on the experiment in more detail than I have written here and his writing is well worth reading and sharing.


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