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Here at - the internet's most positive website - what we do is simple.

We help people around the world change their lives for the better. So every day you can be happier, more positive, more abundant, more awesome. One way we do that is by sending out inspiring email messages packed full of positive thoughts.

Positive Thoughts Of The Day

We send emails each day - Monday through Friday to a lot of people. Its free, simple, positive, uplifting and fun. We would be honored to send one to you too.

And just for trying out the daily positive thoughts we'll send you a copy of our Illustrated Collection of Wayne Dyer quotes.

This is a collection of some of Wayne Dyer's best quotes and each of the quotes is illustrated with a beautiful photograph from some of the world's finest photographers. It's a great looking ebook packed full of some of Wayne's best work. Yours free, simply for trying out our free positive email service.

Inspiring Words and Positive Thinking

Each time you add a positive thought into your day, your life changes for the better. Before long, you will wonder how you ever thought any other way except positively. We are all busy, maybe even more so in the age of the internet, and the messages we send out are short positive thoughts filled with inspiring words to help add light and life to your day.

No matter when you get your message, whether it's first thing in the morning, duringĀ  a break in the workday or even when you come home, they deliver an extra boost of positive thinking into your day. Exactly what you need to make your day great.

Real Life Positive People

The daily emails come from us, Michael Shook and Susan Almstead. And the honest truth is, we understand how important being positive is to living wonderful, happy, healthy lives because we were not raised to believe that way. We had to find out on our own and make our own life changes away from the negative fear-filled noise of the world we live in.

Because we changed our lives so much, we know it is possible for you to change yours too. Now we have the advantage of the internet to share positive ideas, motivational and inspirational writing and general positivity to anyone who wants more of those things in their life.

We live in California and you can see our picture and read about us by clicking this link which opens in a new window: About Michael and Susan