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27 Comments on “Daily Inspirational Messages Confirmation”

    1. Michael

      You are very welcome. I popped over to look at your blog. Your harp playing is lovely. 🙂

  1. David

    I just want to say thanks. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to the “Life of Light” you can & hopefully will bring to our in boxes each day…
    I Thank You Again

  2. Mich

    Hi Susan & Michael,
    I am in desperate and urgent need of inspiration to help me out of the ‘stuck’ place I find myself in at the moment, (been like this for around 7 years now). I so badly want to move forward in my life, discover my passions and live my dreams & goals.
    But I need help! For whatever reasons I am deeply stuck! I am eager to read your inspiring quotes each day and to use the positive energy to move myself forward.
    Thank you Michael and Susan, for hope and words of wisdom!

    1. Michael

      Hi Mich,

      I can tell you from personal experience it does take some time to start living in the positive state of mind all the time. It is so worth it to change and live your life so that you’re happy. Messages will be coming to you soon each weekday. Thank you very much for writing.

  3. Lynn

    I thank you for the inspiration you all who seek!!
    My daughter is a strong, professional, educated teacher and I try to be supportive (since her husband cheated and pays child support to the OTHER unmarried woman). Days are difficult to say the least but words on encouragement are very welcome..Thank you again.
    A concerned mother:0

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