Cure For The Busy Disease

curing the busy disease

Once upon a time, life was simple. You ate, you slept, you enjoyed your day. There was plenty of time to get done the things you needed to get done in order to have a wonderful day and feel good. Very little stress, lots of time for feeling free and absolutely no symptoms of the busy disease in your life.

Life doesn’t seem to be so simple anymore. Most times it’s like there just seem to be more and more things to do, more tasks to accomplish, more jobs and less time to accomplish them.

There is always something more to be done. It’s not a bad thing having lots of things to do, living a life feeling a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction is not a bad idea at all.

But living a life of packing a week’s worth of activities into a single day is not so healthy for us, and perhaps you might be suffering some of the consequences of this behavior.


3 simple tips to start curing the busy disease

  • Start your day with a positive thought.

If you don’t do this naturally, do it on purpose. This doesn’t have to be all esoteric and uppity uppity, just something simple like, “Today is an awesome day. I am going to enjoy each moment”

You are not going to get another chance to enjoy this waking up moment of this particular day ever again. Will you have more opportunities to wake up and start that day with a positive idea? Sure. But why let this one slip by?

The reason you do this is that it sets the tone for the entire day. Not so you can scurry about getting as much done as is possible, but so that you own your day. This experience is yours, it does not belong to anyone else, and when you start your day on a positive note, every other moment is going to go along that much smoother.

  • Choose what you want as an outcome for your actions.

Of course, this idea is borrowed from Stephen Covey, who borrowed it from somebody, who borrowed it from someone else and on and on. But honestly, it just makes the idea ever more credible.

One of the most common symptoms of the Busy Disease is coping or reacting. When you plan what you want on purpose before you start, you send a signal out to the Universe that you are choosing what to fill your day with. Amazingly enough, then the Universe lines up all sorts of awesomeness to help you along the way.

But when you don’t decide what you want to wind up with, you are sending out the signal that it is OK with you for whatever happens to happen. And you are going to get a day full of reacting, and coping and stress.

  • Decide that you are responsible for your life and in charge of filling it up.

And if you want to fill your day up with time to sit by the window and think about how great 5th grade recess was, then do that. If you want to make the choice that life is going to be ever so much easier if you take your kid to hockey practice rather than having her walk the 3 miles there, then choose that. But whatever you choose, make that choice on purpose because it suits your life.

And if you can’t make that choice suit your life, make another choice instead. If you don’t like going to work, but you need to eat this week, make the choice that when you get home you are going to research on the internet to find a way to make an income by using your computer. Truthfully speaking here, there are plenty of ways to do this; it just takes some time before you find the one that is right for you.

Start Your Cure Right Now

You really don’t have to live with the Busy Disease any longer; you can begin your cure today. It might take some doing and walking along a different path than some of the people you know. But this is your life, not theirs, and you deserve to live your life the way you choose; in a way that brings you peace of heart.

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2 Comments on “Cure For The Busy Disease”

  1. Fidel

    Simply want to say your article is surprisingly relevant. I’ve got the busy disease something fierce. I like thinking that I can be in charge of my life again.

    1. Michael

      Life does seem to be speeding up lately, Fidel, but it only appears that way. When we take charge of our selves, we find the time to do all the things we know are important.

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