CPR Does Not Work So Well

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CPR Works Great For Some Things

When it’s time, you really know it. You get that feeling in the bottom of your heart and in the pit of your stomach that it is time to let it go. Could be you have been holding on to some kind of anger issue, or some kind of hurt from your childhood or maybe just a big ole’ chunk of tension form yesterday at the grocery store.

But whatever it is, it is time to let it go.

Other people hold on to old stuff in their homes. Old half-eaten burritos in the refrigerator or a leftover bologna sandwich that should have been tossed out last Tuesday.

old shoes

Old Worn Out Shoes

Or old shoes, you know the ones, where you kind of think to yourself, well, if I just wear these around the house and nobody sees me, then it is going to be OK if I keep them.

But those things need to be let go as well.

Still other people are fond of bringing up icky memories form the past. Times when someone was mean to them in the second grade, or their football coach from high school made fun of them during practice. Or maybe just that time you went out on a blind date against your better judgment, and you knew the minute you got there, it was a bad idea. And then it went downhill from there.

Let go of those things too.

Children Playing

Back In the Day

You have enough stuff to do during the day with current ideas and issues that crop in your day to day life. There is no need to try to keep all the leftover stuff from yesterday last week, last month, 10 years ago or from when you were a child. It is safe to let those things go now; they are not so valuable anymore. At least they are not as valuable as the things you are doing right now, in this very minute.

Your life is a constant stream.

Of Energy

Of Activity

Of Adventure

Of Excitement


The days that have passed by had their energy. And while you were living those days, you used that energy. Maybe that energy gave you strength, maybe it gave you comfort, maybe sadness, but whatever it gave you was in the past.

No matter what you try to do with those old feelings, those old activities, those old ideas, you cannot re-inflate them into living breathing energetic ideas for right now.

You could have taken all the CPR classes in the world, but none of that training would be of any value at all in trying to bring the past back to life.


The only way you can bring the past back to life is to use the energy you have available today. The energy that was used the first time to live those days is passed by on the stream of life. It is not coming back. You used it already. No harm in that, it was there when you needed it and that was what it was for, to use for that day

That is the way the Universe is set up, you have plenty of energy for the day and you use it. You can use all of it. And interestingly enough, the more energy you use in a day, the more energy you ill have tomorrow.

(OK, maybe the next day, if you are using your energy to dig holes for fence posts.)

But even after you rest up from something like that, you will be rewarded with an astonishing amount of extra energy to use in upcoming days.

That is just the way it works.

It is almost like there is an expiration date on the energy for the day. Once the date has passed by, the energy is not available for consumption anymore. And in order to keep living in the past, you have to keep using up the current day’s energy. And then you are left with less for living today.

That really does not work out so well at all.

There really isn’t any way to re-live a day from your past. You can remember it, and give it some attention right now, but you cannot re-live it – no matter how hard you try.

It works ever so much better to live within the Universe the way it is set up to work.

life preserver

Saving You From Drowning

Remember yesterday, if you like; but live in today. Keep your CPR skills handy for saving somebody’s life who was drowning, but let the past be the past and don’t try to bring it back to life.

It doesn’t work so well, and only makes you extra tired today, when you could be living the life of your dreams


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