Printable Desiderata Poem PDF Poster Download

One of the things the internet is good for is to read amazing writing. Writing that speaks to your soul. Writing that makes you think. Writing that you remember how you felt reading it even a month or a year later. Click here for our Desiderata Printable Poster Collection One of those pieces of writing that has stood the test … Read More

Desiderata Poem French Translation

Desiderata Poème en Français   Reste calme au milieu du bruit et de l’impatience et souviens-toi de la paix qui découle du silence. Autant que tu le peux, mais sans te renier, sois en bons termes avec tout le monde. Dis ce que tu penses, clairement, simplement; et écoute les autres, même les sots et les ignorants; eux aussi ont … Read More

Beautiful Translation of the Desiderata Poem In Spanish

Desiderata Poema En Español   Camina plácido entre el ruido y la prisa, y piensa en la paz que se puede encontrar en el silencio. En cuanto te sea posible y sin rendirte, mantén buenas relaciones con todas las personas. Enuncia tu verdad de una manera serena y clara, y escucha a los demás, incluso al torpe e ignorante, también … Read More

Go Placidly, You Are A Child Of The Universe, poem by Max Ehrmann

A Bit of Desiderata poem history   The” go placidly” poem, as it is often known, is actually titled Desiderata;  which means “desired things”, and was written by Max Ehrmann of Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1927. Mr. Ehrmann was a writer, poet and attorney, and often wrote on spiritual themes. Not quite to the extent of the New Thought authors … Read More

How To Change Your Habitual Thoughts and Thinking Patterns

If you want to change habitual thoughts, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that almost anyone with the desire to really make a significant change in their thinking can be successful. The bad news is that nobody can change their old thoughts. Let’s take care of the bad news right away and explain about why … Read More

The Envelope Please

  Of course, we all say we want to live a positive life A life full of fun and money and great friends and good health and wonderful loving relationships. We state emphatically that we want a life free from drama, from problems, from misery, from the seemingly constant barrage of negative messages we receive in a day. So why … Read More

Cure For The Busy Disease

Once upon a time, life was simple. You ate, you slept, you enjoyed your day. There was plenty of time to get done the things you needed to get done in order to have a wonderful day and feel good. Very little stress, lots of time for feeling free and absolutely no symptoms of the busy disease in your life. … Read More

The Perfect Day

Everyone has their opinion of what constitutes the perfect day. So do we. Susan likes to get up, sip a cup of coffee and hold the cat on her lap while she eases into her day, then go check out the internet for the most recent positive news from Michael likes to get up, pour a cup of coffee, … Read More

Top 10 List For Positive Thinking

We hear it all the time, how good positive thinking is for us. How much better our lives will be once we decide that our lives really are controlled by our thoughts – and our thoughts are controlled by, well, by us. Then we read lists of ideas. Like Top Ten List of positive thinking quotes or Top Five Ways … Read More

Positive Thinking The Easy Way

Swimming through a world of negativity and junk, we start to believe that is true nature of the Universe. But nothing could be farther from the truth. In fact, positive thinking is the norm because the Universe is a positive place, has always been a positive place and will continue to be that way in to the future because that … Read More