Farahri – Take Me As I Am Music Video

One of the best parts of the internet is that we get to meet so many interesting and positive people. The ability of the web to bring us closer together in ways we might never have dreamed of otherwise is one of the best feature about being online. Recently, we were introduced to the music of Farahri, a Canadian born … Read More

Amanda Schaub and Shane VanOosterhout

  At ALifeOfLight.com we are always searching the web for positive people, no matter if their chosen profession is sales, motivational speaking, bell tower repair or in this case, Social Media Marketing. Our online friends Amanda Schaub and Shane Van Oosterhout run a company named Media Beetle in Michigan and their goal is to help businesses large and small with … Read More

David Hamilton Interconnectedness Experiment

The Right Place At The Right Time Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time; OK, you are always really in the right place at the right time, but sometimes that place and time seem a bit more awesome to be at than others. Today was one of those days when I got an email in … Read More

I Wish My Teacher Knew

I wish my teacher knew. The internet is a wonderful place full of fun and information and funny pictures of cats. But even though the web provides us the opportunity to access almost incomprehensible amounts of information, we still filter that information through our own experiences. Lots of times we wind up thinking that everyone in the world experiences life … Read More

Hugh Liddle – The Sales Wizard

Hugh Liddle Interview The way the Universe works is that when you start off on a journey, even if you don’t know exactly how you are going to get where you want to go, the people that you need to help you along “just show up” right when you need them to. One of those people who has shown up … Read More

Doug Petersen

Doug Petersen Interview One of the great things about publishing a site full of positive thinking ideas is that you get to meet all kinds of great positive thinking people. Doug Petersen is a great example of a positive thinking thought leader. On his website DouglasNPetersen.com, his motto is “Inspire! Making A Difference By Inspiring Others”. A career aviator and … Read More

Most Positive Blogger

The Internet’s Most Positive Blogger – I like this title, so I thought I would write an explanation of how I came to be called the most positive blogger on the internet. One of the things I did after leaving teaching was work at a newspaper selling advertising. It was interesting work but kind of hit or miss in keeping … Read More

Pay It Forward Kindness Boomerang Video

  True enough, A Life Of Light is about positivity and positive thinking, metaphysical ideas made simple and a view of reality that kindness and love are the building blocks of the world. And then there is the idea of paying it forward. We didn’t invent that here, but it certainly fits in perfectly with what we talk about and … Read More

Interview by Hugh Liddle

Things have been changing around the ALOL Headquarters and during that changing time, we’ve been on hiatus here at ALifeOfLight.com. Because we live in a world of always now, it’s not like everything else stood still <sigh>. So we’re in catchup mode as best we can be now. One of the first things to catch up on is the interview … Read More