How To Change Your Money Mindset

Recently, I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the website run by my online friend Steven Aitchison. He is a good guy doing good work in the world, and I really appreciated the opportunity to share some ideas with his readers and the internet as a whole. The post I wrote was about one of my … Read More

2 Percent Better Day

How To Create A Fabulous Life Starting Right Now The idea of the 2 percent better day has to do with the idea of compounding. A mathematical concept where you take a certain number and increase it each day by a particular amount. If you’ve ever heard of that quote attributed to Albert Einstein saying that one of the miracles … Read More

Give Yourself Permission

One of the Messages From ALOL which generated the most response was about giving yourself permission. Permission to succeed, permission to choose for yourself, permission to live your life the way you want. We also got requests for a downloadable graphic version of that message that could be printed out and placed in strategic locations for reminding yourself just who … Read More

Positive Thinking Made Simple

One of the habits that I wanted to let go of in my life was that of thinking negatively. For most of my life I had a struggle with how to overcome negative thoughts. I was raised in a family where every day was a struggle with the activities of daily living and the idea that the Universe was kind … Read More

Binaural Beats And Positive Affirmations For Abundance

I got really excited about putting together a new product about abundance. So excited that I kind of rushed ahead a little bit and I am playing a bit of catch up. No worries, though, the truth is that I really enjoy creating things that help people. And after reading the news today about the bigwigs saying that the recession … Read More

Puttin On the Ritz Flash Mob

This flash mob video has been seen over 3,000,000 times on You Tube. Flash mobs are pretty popular in some parts of the world during political campaigns and Moscow, Russia is no exception to that. This video was reuploaded to the internet just before the last election. Hard to say if its coincidence or not, but the truth is, the … Read More

It’s Hard To Say

There are some things to say in the world that slide off the tongue with the ease of a firefighter sliding down a pole on the way to the fire truck. And in truth, the world is full of those kinds of words. You hear around sometimes that it’s hard to say things like: “I love you” or You’re amazing” … Read More

The Hummingbird

It is a pretty fantastic Universe full of delightful human beings. All kinds of people with all kinds of ideas and truths inside of them. Everybody has their own truth, the part of them that they absolutely know is right. That they absolutely know is the real them. The thing that when they talk about it, lights up their faces … Read More

You Get What You Deserve

Back in the long ago time when all parents were absolutely right about everything, you might have heard once in a while, something along these lines. “Well, it just goes to show you that you get what you deserve” And most times this meant that you were in trouble for something you had done wrong and were not going to … Read More

Exponential Affirmations

The way the Universe is set up, we pretty much get the results of our thoughts showing up in our lives. This is the basis for the idea of the Law of Attraction. What we think about consistently shows up for us. Sometimes, though, things show up that we don’t think that we have been thinking about. And that is … Read More