The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a pretty simple idea with lots of profound consequences. If you spend any time at all in the personal development world, particularly on the spiritual side, you have undoubtedly heard of the Law of Attraction, or LOA as it is commonly acronymized online. In essence, the law works like this: Everything In the Universe is … Read More

Points Of Attraction

Seems like there are a lot of pokey things in the world to see. There are mountains, and bins full of nails at the hardware store and the ends of the pointy ice cream cones when you bite them off and let the melted ice cream drip down sweet and cool onto your tongue. And some of the pointy things … Read More

Standing On The Scale

The scale is a great symbol for many things in our lives. It can represent justice. It can represent equality. It can represent the careful making of a decision by weighing all the options carefully. It can also represent a set of choices we make about our lives. Many people spend their days in a whirlwind of negativity. It is … Read More

A Sign From the Universe

Everybody is looking for a sign. Well, that might be a sweeping generalization that everybody is looking for a sign. But to hear some folks talk, you would think that their entire day consists of waiting around for the Universe to tell them   it’s a good time to do something. Or it’s a bad time to do something. Or … Read More

You Can’t Get There From Here

There are some parts of the US where getting directions to somewhere is a bit of a struggle. That is without resorting to our friend the internet. Online, of course, you can find your way to just about anywhere. Then too there are those GPS navigation systems that seem to come in most cars these days. With those voices that … Read More

Adam And Eve On A Raft

An Odd Belief Oddly enough there is a belief that some people have that you can do things in the world we live in out of order. Almost as if things were not time bound and not needing to go in a specific sequence. For those folks who believe in linear time, this is a hard concept to fathom. I … Read More

Miserable In Advance

One of the things that people like to do is worry. That sounds like a strange thing to say, that people like to worry, but it is true an astounding number of times. Well, actually, even having it be true once, seems to be quite an amazing number. Some folks have even invented ways to help people do their worrying. … Read More

A Little Rain

Is it true, what they say, that into every day, a little rain must fall? Well, if I was going to be looking at that idea (and writing about it), I would want to be thinking about that idea to see if it was really true. Lots of folks are of the opinion that there are good days and bad … Read More

Why Not Dream Big

Many people have been taught to accept a way of thinking that leaves them with very little results when they are trying to bring something new and wonderful into their lives. They have been taught that most good things come into their lives on an incremental basis. And that there is only a certain amount of good in the Universe, … Read More

Attention Please

. You can pay attention. You give attention. You can focus your attention. You can give your attention to things. People can ask you things like May I please have your attention. Your attention can be grabbed by things. There are a lot of phrases in existence that talk about attention. Suffice it to say, that attention is a really … Read More