Wonderful World

One of my favorite songs done with a voice over of Wonderful World from David Attenborough. it is this kind of video that makes me like Youtube and the wealth of beauty and delight that can be shared online.

Alan Allen Allan BBC Talking Animal Video

Sometimes things just strike us as funny – like a talking animal video. The pairing of the voices along with these truly excellent videos of wild animals are funny in their juxtaposition. Silly voices and words that are related to our everyday situations and politely done video footage of animals in the wild. Truly words don’t do it justice, so … Read More

A Life Of Gratitude

We are all taught to say think you for what we are given. It is a nice tradition and a part of the world of rules of polite society. Say “please” when we want something and say “thank you” when we receive it. But the idea that we need to be taught to say thank you in a particular situation … Read More

The Perfect Day

Everyone has their opinion of what constitutes the perfect day. So do we. Susan likes to get up, sip a cup of coffee and hold the cat on her lap while she eases into her day, then go check out the internet for the most recent positive news from ALifeOfLight.com. Michael likes to get up, pour a cup of coffee, … Read More

Tio, The Prince Cat

This is an emotional story for me to write. I have been thinking about how to write this, because it is of a personal nature. And I finally decided to just write it the way it is. My wife, Susan, and I (Michael) run the site here at ALifeOfLight.com We are baby boomers, our children are grown and we have … Read More

Open Your Gifts

When we arrive here in this lovely world, our hearts are open, we love easily and simply. Our minds are open, we see the truth in the words and the eyes of those around us. Our souls are open and readily bond with the love that others hold us in. That is our perfect state; open. On occasion, if we … Read More

I Walk With Beauty All Around Me

I Walk In Beauty All Around Me Prayer Beauty in front of me, Beauty behind me, Beauty Above me, Beauty below me, Beauty all around me, I walk in Beauty….. In the house of long life, there I wander. In the house of happiness, there I wander. Beauty before me, Beauty behind me, Beauty above me , Beauty below me, … Read More

The Power of Gratitude

Just a couple of whispered words can create an enormous amount of change in our live. The power of gratitude for helping us bring what we want into our days is incredible. Simple, proven, effective – being grateful for everything brings us more opportunities to be grateful. Not in an ugly way, like “You better be grateful for that food, … Read More

Garbage In Garbage Out

Way back in the dark pages of computer history lies an acronym which used to be commonly applied to the input you gave a computer. GIGO or garbage in – garbage out. Meaning that if you gave the computer bad data to compute with, like inaccurate survey results or miswritten compute code or something along those lines, that the computer … Read More

The List

It seems like everywhere you look, you see folks writing about lists around the New Year. And a lot of those ideas circle about things you want to change in your life. Lists of habits you want to get rid of, behaviors you want to stop doing, all stuff to say no to. It is a good thing to let … Read More