Building Your Dream

Building Your Dream

Building Your Dream

So this is what everybody is saying, you are in charge of building your own dreams. The process is simple, you decide what you want in your dream, imagine it, visualize it, affirm it and then it shows up, Right?

Well, yeah. It’s a simple system, unless you go and try to find some additional explanation of how life works with 125 steps to manifesting the life of your dreams, and then it gets kind of complicated. Although, truth be told, the biggest number of steps I ever saw in a system of manifestation was 97. Truly, I have no idea how anyone could possibly follow 97 steps to get something they wanted in any reasonable amount of time.

But the amount of steps needed isn’t even the biggest issue with building your dream.

Here's How It Really Works

Here’s how building a dream or manifesting your dream into reality or attracting what you want into your life goes.

Let’s say, for instance, (in an analogy sort of way) that you are interested in building a bookcase.

stack of books

A Big Stack Of Books

First you go over to the corner of your living room where your books are stacked up on the floor and count them. Then you line them up on the floor in the order that you think might be good if they were on a shelf in your new bookcase. You envision them standing there all lined up next to each other, you see in your mind’s eye, how good they look.

You imagine how proud your significant other is going to be that you finally got the books up off the floor and onto the shelf so they can be accessed by anyone who want to read them without needing to dig one out of the pile where they have been laying on the floor for two years.

So you’ve got this great picture in your mind of how the bookshelf is going to look , you have a great feeling of accomplishment that comes with seeing your dream become reality and you sit down to make a list of the things you are going to need in order to manifest the bookshelf into reality.

Fortunately you remember back to junior high school when you took shop class and you know about things like tape measures, saws, screwdrivers, sanders, types of wood, miter boxes, glue, and all kinds of stuff like that. So you hop into the car and take yourself off to the local lumber yard with your list and in a relatively short amount of time, you get back home with all your materials.

You set up your sawhorses in the backyard and start measuring, and cutting and sawing and sanding and staining and polyurethaning and in relatively short order you have a shiny new bookcase proudly standing in the corner of your living room.

After short order, the books are placed on the shelves and you find out that your original estimates and measurements were perfect. Each book stands in its exact location and the shelf is all filled up and ready for anyone who want to, to grab a book and start reading.


Happy Birthday !!

Interestingly, the next day is your birthday. And even more interestingly, your brother, knowing how much you still like to read real books instead of electronic books, brings you over a beautiful new copy of the novel which is the latest New York Times best seller.

And there you stand in front of your beautiful new bookcase, with a beautiful new book in your hand, and there is nowhere on your book case for your new book. Not a single spot. It’s just not going to fit. And so you do what you’ve always done, you put the book on the floor, except at least this time, you can put it on the floor next to the book case.

You did all the steps the right way to manifest your dream; you attracted what you wanted into your life; the things you were paying attention to showed up right where you thought they were going to. Perfectly. But you started and ended your dreaming with exactly what you had in that very moment, without allowing room for change.

With manifesting things into your life, you are asking for a change. You are convinced there is going to be a change. You know this stuff works; so when you start off on your plan to make it happen, make sure that one of the things you start with, is the idea that your life is going to change.

And plan for that change to happen.

you fighting universe

Fighting With The Universe

The Universe is not out to get you if you don’t think of everything, there’s no gotcha clause if you don’t list everything involved in your new dream, and in fact you could probably build another bookcase right next to the one you just finished, but if you allow some room for growth in your book collection, or in your life as you change, the smile of the world seems ever so much brighter.

And more fun.

And cooler.

And all around just a bit better.

So have at it, dream a dream, manifest a change, attract something new into your life and while you are doing it, at the end of the thoughts you are thinking about this change, just add a couple of extra words, ‘This or something better” and you are well on your way towards not only getting what you dream of, but the ability to extend that dream even more should the occasion arise.

The infinitely expandable life, a very cool concept.  🙂


68 Comments on “Building Your Dream”

    1. Michael

      That is so true, Melodie, this or something better is a great way to look at it. Its always a very cool thing when we exceed what we were thinking of in the first place. It makes living this life a whole lot of fun. 🙂

  1. marquita herald

    Excellent analogy! To me this is what is so amazing about intentionally cultivating greater resilience in life. When we can see the forest for the trees it is so much easier to learn to plan better, be more adaptable, and make better decisions. Thanks for the inspiration.
    marquita herald recently posted..Choosing Happiness in Your JobMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Marty. It is so wonderful to be able to be resilient. To be adaptable and to love the life we are living right int his minute and in every minute to come. The decisions we make our such an integral part of our lives and when we can make those decisions with inspriation, that is just a wonderful way to live. 🙂

  2. Yorinda

    Hi Michael,

    first of all I wish they had taught girls woodwork instead of handcrafts, even though I appreciate all the jumpers, hats and gloves I knitted since.

    Your bookcase story is a great way to get the point across. I love including the ‘this or something better’ in my intentions.
    The Universe does support us, it doesn’t need a black belt for that either.

    I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you!
    Yorinda recently posted..Mirror Mirror an Inspiring Short FilmMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Yorinda,

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 Woodworking was kind of cool in school,I wasn’t the best at it, but managed tot each myself by eventually working on my house and building furniture and stuff. : ) That part of “this or something better” makes the intentions even more wonderful, its a lot of fun and when something better shows up in your life, it just feels amazing.

  3. Steve Vernon

    There’s an old quote about not just reaching for you goals but reaching past them. I can’t remember who said it or exactly what the wording was, but you get the gist. The problem with so many people is that they tend to limit their vision to just what they can see in front of their eyes. Your analogy of the book case is absolutely perfect!
    Steve Vernon recently posted..Through the eyes of . . .My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Steve. 🙂 I don’t remember who said that either, but it surely does sound appropriate. We do tend to limit what we can see to what is just in front of us. But when we finally do manage to see beyond that space, the whole entire world looks different in a beautiful new way.

  4. Lynn Jones

    Hi Michael, I like that..”this or something better”. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we don’t believe big enough. So we have our dreams, we speak positive affirmations, we believe, but we also allow for our dreams to be expanded significantly. We must allow God or divine intelligence to enrich our lives beyond what we think or ask, in faith believing that it will come to pass, at the right time. Plus, it is so much better if we think outside the box.
    Have a great one!
    Lynn Jones recently posted..24 Things to Always RememberMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Lynn, thank you for your kind words. That is such a good phrase to use in affirmations or even just regular everyday thinking. The thought that we can receive more than what we are asking for or thinking about is quite a powerful one. Kind of like getting a bonus for doing something good. Even better, a bonus we can give ourselves. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you Gary. Sometimes it is hard to figure out how to build what we want, and sometimes ll it takes is a bit of another idea to come along. 🙂

  5. David Merrill

    The bookcase analogy is a perfect way to impress on us the significance of how our intentions line up with the manifestation of our dreams, Michael.

    It always requires not only foresight and execution, but also vision and accepting that the results will undoubtedly match your dreams… or better.
    David Merrill recently posted..Leverage | Stealth Internet MarketingMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you David. :-0 When I was thinking about a way to talk about the building your dream idea, the thought of a bookcase just kind of popped into my head fully formed. it was kind of cool. True enough, it is very cool to be affirming something or better into my life. 🙂

  6. Nile

    I actually did learn woodworking in school, but that is because schools have changed a lot in the last century. I loved shop class… though my most favorite was the sessions on drafting.

    Changing the little things to what you want definitely produces results related to those changes. When I got into web design and was using free open source software for my graphics and producing great graphics, my father surprised me one day by giving me Photoshop and Jasc Paint Shop Pro. He was also the person that gave me my first computer too….lol.
    Nile recently posted..What You Should Know About Becoming A WordCamp SpeakerMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Woodworking is kind of cool, I did better at it out of school, after I had some opportunity to try a few things out. That is quite awesome that your Dad gave you those programs. I had a long ago copy of PSP, but I mostly use PSE now, and have gotten pretty decent with it. 🙂

  7. Leslie Denning

    This an interesting article, Michael. I think my life is a combination of half-built bookshelves and stacks of books. I keep thinking that if I just keep working and moving forward it will eventually get done. Thanks for sharing!

    All the best,

    1. Michael

      I think that is true a lot of times (for me anyway) that things get kind of half finished and then one day they almost magically assemble themselves into fine looking shelves with neatly lined up books. It is a very cool thing.

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Julieanne. You are so right, when we dream that is exactly the way to do it; adding the thoughts and the feelings. That way our dreams have a lot more power and wind up making us feel even wonderfuller. 🙂

  8. alicia@yboggle

    I have seen so many times people dreaming about things which seem to be crazy or impossible to achieve. I have been part of a group of missionaries for 4 years. At the beginning I heard the founder of this organization talk TO US about what he wanted to accomplish for this underprivileged people. It seems hard to do not only for the manpower but also our lack of resources. Right now we are starting to be known as the group which install pure water systems in Latin American countries and resources are flowing our way constantly and more abundantly than we could ever imagine. Well, I have to say than I could ever imagine, because the founder already saw it happen from the beginning, his motto is: “DREAM BIG”.
    alicia@yboggle recently posted..Vacationing on the Emerald IsleMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Alicia,

      That make such a difference to be willing to dream big dreams. Interesting how it doesn’t cost any more to dream big dreams as to dream little ones, but we kind of get to thinking that something is more difficult about bigger dreams. Your work with the water projects sounds wonderful. That is a great thing you are doing. 🙂

  9. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    Wonderful post and great analogy – hits home even more than you think. A few months ago I was dealing with a collapsed book case. After making several trips to different stores, bringing home book cases that needed to be put together – and I could not quite do it and had to return them – finally I ordered the additional book cases I needed and had extra room for additional books. And it all looks great.

    I had not thought about that as an analogy for building my dream – to leave room for change and expansion. Thank you for the image and thought process to help my dreams flourish and expand.


    Dr. Erica
    Dr. Erica Goodstone recently posted..Listen to Your BodyMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Dr. Erica,

      Thank you very much for your kind words. I am sorry to hear about your bookshelf, I have experienced similar things, but not the collapsing of a bookshelf. In my dreams,I have seen new and quite amazing opportunities show up when I left enough room for them. It kind of happened by accident the first time, but then I saw that it was a pretty good strategy if I was interested in accepting even more into my life. 🙂

  10. John Gaydon

    Hi Michael,

    This is a great analogy and reminder that we often set the bar too low when we dream (gulp).

    I have seen things manifest many times in my life, sometimes from an apparently hopeless position. It would seem that our attitude has a great deal to do with success. What I really like in this post is the importance of taking action and putting your skills into the project, not just contemplating your navel!
    John Gaydon recently posted..Is A Helicopter Pilot Better Off Than A Network Marketer?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your kind words. I have found it to be true that we get what we think about and when I set my bar too low, like you are saying, and I get that, I’m kind of left wondering what I could have had if I had only dreamed bigger. 🙂

  11. Sadie-Michaela Harris

    Oooh la la Michael!

    “Although, truth be told, the biggest number of steps I ever saw in a system of manifestation was 97. Truly, I have no idea how anyone could possibly follow 97 steps to get something they wanted in any reasonable amount of time.”

    Sounds like someone was striving for 100 and then heard from an online marketer that he should have a 7 in there for luck! Marketing price points online seem to feature 7 very often! Definitely sounds like a dose of overwhelm too! 🙂
    Sadie-Michaela Harris recently posted..How Does Google’s Ranking and Website Evaluation Process Work?My Profile

    1. Michael

      It was quite amazing Sadie, when I saw it laid out like that. And to top it all off, it was advertised as a simple system for getting results. All you had to do was follow these 97 steps in order, so that you could get what you wanted in your life. I was impressed for sure, just not all that favorably. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Hi Shelley,

      What I learned after a number of rounds of trial and error, was that it isn’t any harder to dream big dreams that it is to stay with small ones. I love the recipes on your site, and I will be looking forward to seeing your new cookbook. 🙂

  12. Raena Lynn

    Hi Michael,

    Gosh, every time I visit your blog, I am so glad I did because you really have the coolest way of presenting information. Your description of manifesting your dreams using the process of building a bookshelf is brilliant. The key is “plan for that change to happen” and take it further to your concept of an infinitely expandable life. Thanks for this post. I am on the path of fulfilling my dreams, and this is a fantastic reminder to “Dream Big.”

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..What Should You Give Up To Be Happy?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Raena,

      Thank you for your very kind words, wow, really thank you very much. 🙂 It is true that it is OK for us to expect and plan for the infinitely expandable life, and I find that idea a lot more pleasant than thinking that there is only so much life energy to go around and then you’re done. Bleecch. Much better to expect something wonderful.

  13. William Amis

    Michael, that was great and the subject is the core of my lifestyle.

    I visualize every new day the night before. As for dreaming and visualizing are two different things. One you do while awake and the other while you sleep.

    I learned what my passion was and then started to share it globally. This came to attracted like minded people. The I showed them how I just share my passion as the foundation of my business. Then show others how to find and share theirs. The rest fell in place as to generating revenue in abundance. It took only two steps. One visualize and two take action.

    There are many ways to navigate with the power of visualization. Each of us will finally find what fits with our faith. Yet, you can write down many plans, and never will everything work as you wrote. Now, if you learn how to use your faith with visualizing there is nothing that will not go as you choose. If you do not know how to do this that is fine. Learning how to build a foundation is the first thing one needs when starting a business.

    The different sources of generating revenue is what changes with the plan. Doing only what you love as your business never will a day be the same. Now, your creating daily stories of adventure that will keep all interested in your next article you share telling about your passions.

    Great job Michael which this article was amazing. Your one of our great coaches and giving all of us this information shows you heart is good. Thank you for taking your time in presenting it. Looking for to learn more of your insight.
    William Amis recently posted..InsanityMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi William,

      Thank you for your very kind words. I think that is great that you found your passion in helping people and that you found out the best way to live in this life was to share what you know with others. It is quite an amazing thing that when the right opportunity comes along and the right people, that the rest of the pieces just kind of fall into place. Not that it doesn’t take some doing, it surely does, but it is so much better when the parts all line up and are easy to accomplish. 🙂

  14. Kostas

    Hi Michael,
    It takes time for a dream to become reality for that reason we should always have in mind what are our goals and not give up in the first obstacles, thanks for sharing, this motivation post…
    Kostas recently posted..Google Is Not A CharityMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Kostas,

      You are so right, it does take time to dream and to figure out what it is we want to dream. And it is so true that there is no point in giving up at teh first obstacle because so often the exact dream we are dreaming is available right there, just past that first obstacle.

  15. Jupiter Jim


    The bookcase analogy is a good one! Right on. We must be persistent but also flexible in our pursuit of our dreams and this blog post gives some great advice on how to do so!

    Thanks for sharing!

    ~ Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..No Posts Were Found!My Profile

    1. Michael

      It is so true, Jim, that a combination of persistence and flexibility is the surest way to accomplish what we want from our dreams. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Exactly so, Martin, we need both the thought and the action to bring those dreams into our reality. How much easier to build a bookcase if we figure out what we want first and then go get the materials and start building. Way easier than it is to sit in the dark in our living room and try to manifest a bookcase out of thin air. 🙂

  16. Clare@Holisitic Health

    hi Michael,
    Infinite expandable possibilities! I love that! There have been times when my dreams have felt totally impossible but I have never given up. I love to encourage others to dream, it is a totally necessary part of life if you want to achieve anything. And it costs nothing to dream – so why not! Dreaming has taken me to four continents, it has given me three beautiful boys and a husband way beyond what I thought possible! Yes – keep dreaming – it is so good for the soul!

    Clare@Holisitic Health recently posted..April is Autism Awareness MonthMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Clare,

      Our world is made up of our dreams. And there’s no real reason why we can’t have as big a world as we can possible imagine. Thank you for sharing the results of your dreams. 4 continents, 3 boys, a wonderful husband, I am so happy for you. 🙂

  17. Laura Morris

    Hi Michael,

    I love your writing and can’t get enough of it. You describe the steps to acquiring what we want so perfectly! I am a big believer that we manifest exactly what we envision, much like this “builder”. The addition you put on at the end is one I forget sometimes, and is absolutely necessary because you never know when God has something much greater in store for you! You could ask for help with your bills for instance, and if you don’t put on “your ending” the possibilities could change dramatically! I posted a quote from Jim Rohn the other day that said “Asking is the beginning of receiving. Make sure you don’t go to the ocean with a teaspoon. At least take a bucket so the kids won’t laugh at you.”
    Laura Morris recently posted..Cultivating Your Inner Garden: A Course In HappinessMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Laura,

      That is a really kind thing to say, thank you very much. It is so true about us limiting our own dreams, no real reason for doing that, it’s just kind of what we are taught is the right way to do things. I love that quote from Jim Rohn, I had not heard it before but it certainly is a true one. We get pretty much what we ask for and it is our belief that limits the size of your bucket. Make mine a venti, please. 🙂

  18. Willena Flewelling

    Michael, I should have read this post last Thursday, which really was MY birthday! 🙂 The bookcase is a great analogy! At least the guy did finally visualize, plan and take action. But this is a great reminder to realize dreams that give us some room to grow.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..Only Boys Aloud – Calon LanMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Happy Birthday Willena. Thank you for your very kind words. We can build our lives the size we want them to be, and no harm for sure in leaving room for growth in those dreams. 🙂

  19. Donna Merrill

    Hi Michael. Great analogy of the “book case.” Visualizing does have it’s limitations. For me, I can visualize something, then by keeping my eyes wide open and being aware that there may be more or something better I have attracted…Boom there it is!
    When practicing this, I always tell people the course to take, but then always ask the universe, God, or whatever they call their higher being to “Help Me See It” We are always growing and keeping that mindset is something one must do!
    Thanks for the inspiration
    Donna Merrill recently posted..Fear – Don’t Let It Stop YouMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Donna,

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I have found that it is helpful to manifest “or something better” that makes it so exciting to see what else wonderful can show up in my life. It works great. double 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Stevie. You are so right, there is a bit more to it than just wanting it. We do need to line up all the parts of ourselves and get them in tune. The world works so much better when we see that we are in harmony with what we want and the Universe as a whole. 🙂

  20. Donna Merrill

    Hi Michael,
    Love the analogy. Building a bookcase and having people bring you books for your birthday! That’s says it all. What we “build” with our thought, our visualizations and even our preparedness for our business with focus in mind, will bring you the clients you need to make it a go.
    Donna Merrill recently posted..ProcrastinationMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Donna. I have always liked the idea that we build things. Create them with the materials and ideas we have to have a specific outcome. Focus is fabulous. 😀

  21. Jeffrey Sooey

    Beautiful post. I enjoyed reading it. Yes, let us start to manifest a change in our lives for the better.

  22. Gavin Mountford

    Sounds like fun… I love planning my future and seeing my vision in my minds eye… then each morning I go through it, connect to it and think about how it looks. As long as I check in every day with my vision, goals and future… I find I stay on track to hit it.

    If I stop doing it, I find myself wandering off, doing other things…

    1. Michael

      It’s the plan, Stan. That’s the part that counts. There is hardly any way to say whether we are on track or not toward getting our goals, if we don’t have a plan about how to get there or what we want in the first place. I do like surprises, for sure, but the idea that I had the power and planned out what it was I wanted and then did that very thing, that is a very powerful idea.

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Alicia. It is kind of cool to think that we can build our own dreams just the way want. And when we plan a bit from the beginning for own own growth – expecting to be successful – it makes the world a much more interesting place. :-0

  23. Beverly Knox

    Hi Michael
    Your article is enlightening. Sometimes we fall short on our dreams because we don’t do all we can do and then stand on our faith. A Gardner do not expect a pretty and prosperous garden without working the ground for what he believes and by faith it will happen. Sometimes we shut down the blessing because we don’t apply what man can do along with what out high power say we can have. We have not because we ask not.

    1. Michael

      Hi Beverly,

      Thank you very much for your very kind words. It is absolutely that way. We do need to build our dreams, our visions of how our lives are to be, and it takes some thinking, some dreaming and some doing. It is so true, we have not because we ask not. The Universe is a big place with lots of ways for us to fulfill our dreams. 🙂

  24. Leslie Denning

    Hi Michael. Love your post. I think a lot of the ‘experts’ tend to oversimplify things. Yes, we can dream and plan and do, but life gets in the way sometimes. Then we have to power through or around the obstacles and just do the best we can. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted..Would You Like to Be an Emperor?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Leslie, thank you for your kind words. You are so right, sometimes it is simple, and sometimes people just say it is because they think that is what others want to hear. Truth is, at some level, most personal transformation is simple. Its only three steps. 1. Decide what you want to change 2. Change 3. Enjoy your life. Thing is like you are saying, there are often multiple smaller steps contained within the big ones. And those might be seen as obstacles.

      If we look at them as cool details though, are life becomes infinitely easier. 🙂

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