How To Change Your Habitual Thoughts and Thinking Patterns

If you want to change habitual thoughts, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that almost anyone with the desire to really make a significant change in their thinking can be successful. The bad news is that nobody can change their old thoughts. Let’s take care of the bad news right away and explain about why … Read More

The Envelope Please

  Of course, we all say we want to live a positive life A life full of fun and money and great friends and good health and wonderful loving relationships. We state emphatically that we want a life free from drama, from problems, from misery, from the seemingly constant barrage of negative messages we receive in a day. So why … Read More

Hugh Liddle – The Sales Wizard

Hugh Liddle Interview The way the Universe works is that when you start off on a journey, even if you don’t know exactly how you are going to get where you want to go, the people that you need to help you along “just show up” right when you need them to. One of those people who has shown up … Read More

Doug Petersen

Doug Petersen Interview One of the great things about publishing a site full of positive thinking ideas is that you get to meet all kinds of great positive thinking people. Doug Petersen is a great example of a positive thinking thought leader. On his website, his motto is “Inspire! Making A Difference By Inspiring Others”. A career aviator and … Read More

Cure For The Busy Disease

Once upon a time, life was simple. You ate, you slept, you enjoyed your day. There was plenty of time to get done the things you needed to get done in order to have a wonderful day and feel good. Very little stress, lots of time for feeling free and absolutely no symptoms of the busy disease in your life. … Read More

Most Positive Blogger

The Internet’s Most Positive Blogger – I like this title, so I thought I would write an explanation of how I came to be called the most positive blogger on the internet. One of the things I did after leaving teaching was work at a newspaper selling advertising. It was interesting work but kind of hit or miss in keeping … Read More

Making A Different Choice

Sometimes we get ourselves stuck in the idea that once we make a choice we need to live with that choice forever. That for some reason we can’t go about making a different choice. That’s just not true. Of course, each choice we make has consequences, some intended, some not. And some consequences are fabulous, and some, well, not so … Read More

Expecting Something Good To Happen

The world we travel through every day is filled with the results of our expectations. Nothing makes more sense then, than to expect the best. Expecting is seeing and when we see with our physical eyes what we have been dreaming about, that just gives us more proof of the power of our thoughts. Its our life, why not expect … Read More

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Sometimes we do need to explore a bit before find our opportunities. Sometimes they are sitting by the side of the road as we are taking our evening walk. And sometimes they fall out of the sky right into our laps while we are watching TV. But taking advantage of them depends on us. And our willingness to see them … Read More

Permission to Succeed

Who needs to live their life paralyzed from taking action because they have a fear of success? The short answer is – nobody. True enough, our lives do have ups and down, failures and successes, but there is no reason to fear either of those outcomes. Self-sabotage, fear of success, whatever name we call it prevents us from enjoying the … Read More