How To Change Your Money Mindset

Recently, I had the opportunity to write a guest post on the website run by my online friend Steven Aitchison. He is a good guy doing good work in the world, and I really appreciated the opportunity to share some ideas with his readers and the internet as a whole. The post I wrote was about one of my … Read More

Signs the Universe Is Talking To You

Click the Start Right Now Sign There are signs the Universe is talking to you They are real and you are seeing them all the time. We all stand around waiting for a sign from the Universe that it is time to end something, time to wait around, or scariest of all, time to begin something new. And what’s really … Read More

Short Positive Phrases

    A lot of people write a lot of words these days, especially on social media. Well-meaning folks spend much of their time crafting positive quotes and messages or putting together posts packed with inspirational thoughts. Words are everywhere in our daily lives, both online and offline. In podcasts, TV, movies, we hear many, many, many words spoken by … Read More

David Hamilton Interconnectedness Experiment

The Right Place At The Right Time Sometimes you are just in the right place at the right time; OK, you are always really in the right place at the right time, but sometimes that place and time seem a bit more awesome to be at than others. Today was one of those days when I got an email in … Read More

2 Percent Better Day

How To Create A Fabulous Life Starting Right Now The idea of the 2 percent better day has to do with the idea of compounding. A mathematical concept where you take a certain number and increase it each day by a particular amount. If you’ve ever heard of that quote attributed to Albert Einstein saying that one of the miracles … Read More

Printable Desiderata Poem PDF Poster Download

One of the things the internet is good for is to read amazing writing. Writing that speaks to your soul. Writing that makes you think. Writing that you remember how you felt reading it even a month or a year later. Click here for our Desiderata Printable Poster Collection One of those pieces of writing that has stood the test … Read More

Desiderata Poem French Translation

Desiderata Poème en Français   Reste calme au milieu du bruit et de l’impatience et souviens-toi de la paix qui découle du silence. Autant que tu le peux, mais sans te renier, sois en bons termes avec tout le monde. Dis ce que tu penses, clairement, simplement; et écoute les autres, même les sots et les ignorants; eux aussi ont … Read More

Beautiful Translation of the Desiderata Poem In Spanish

Desiderata Poema En Español   Camina plácido entre el ruido y la prisa, y piensa en la paz que se puede encontrar en el silencio. En cuanto te sea posible y sin rendirte, mantén buenas relaciones con todas las personas. Enuncia tu verdad de una manera serena y clara, y escucha a los demás, incluso al torpe e ignorante, también … Read More

Go Placidly, You Are A Child Of The Universe, poem by Max Ehrmann

A Bit of Desiderata poem history   The” go placidly” poem, as it is often known, is actually titled Desiderata;  which means “desired things”, and was written by Max Ehrmann of Terre Haute, Indiana, in 1927. Mr. Ehrmann was a writer, poet and attorney, and often wrote on spiritual themes. Not quite to the extent of the New Thought authors … Read More

I Wish My Teacher Knew

I wish my teacher knew. The internet is a wonderful place full of fun and information and funny pictures of cats. But even though the web provides us the opportunity to access almost incomprehensible amounts of information, we still filter that information through our own experiences. Lots of times we wind up thinking that everyone in the world experiences life … Read More