Unclutter Your Life

One of the biggest areas that we have to deal with in our lives is clutteriness. We keep things that don’t serve us anymore. They used to be things we thought were important in our lives. We invested time and money energy into their accumulation, but now that we have them, or two of them or three of them, those … Read More

It’s Too Late Baby

The world as you knew it is over, and it’s not coming back. Lots of times you hear people say this like it is some kind of pronouncement of doom and horror. Like zombies are all going to take over the world and our life is going to end. I don’t think the zombies are coming anytime soon, but the … Read More

Science of Getting Rich Ebook

The Science of Getting Rich is one of those timeless classics of the New Thought philosophy. Originally published by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910, it has been made popular once again in the 21st century by many people including Rhonda Byrne in the book and movie The Secret. The book itself is written in the standard English of the time … Read More

Growing Up

It is a funny thing sometimes how we decide that growing up is going to be a bad thing. It’s like the older we get; the worse off we are going to be. At least that’s what seems to often be the general consensus. But there are some things about growing that are way different than the usual type of … Read More

Thoughts Are The Actions Of Your Mind

Thoughts are the directed actions of the mind. There are a couple of ideas about what it takes to produce change in our life. Many of these ideas revolve around the concept of work. That making real change in your life, in what you have, in what you get, even in what you see, are the results of doing something … Read More

Life Is Not Hard

There is no rule that says it has to be hard. Well, OK, there might be a rule, but it is only a rule that people made up so that they can tell it to other people who they want to make believe that it is hard. Say what? Boy, if that’s not convoluted, I don’t know what is. Maybe … Read More

Using Your Own Power

Your life is always about you. Some people have a tendency to think that because they have kids to take care of, or parents to take care of, or spouses to take care of or other folks to take care of, that it is not important to take care of themselves. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is … Read More

Change Your Thought Habits

One of messages I have written that I like the best is the one called Cactus and Ice Cream. It goes like this: “So here’s a metaphorical choice for you today, In one hand, you’re holding a cactus In the other hand, you’re holding an ice cream cone. And you have a choice about which you are going to put … Read More

Old Thoughts Vs New Thoughts

Just when you start to think that you can slide those thoughts under the rug, so the Universe won’t hear them, you find that everything you have ever said or ever thought or ever dreamed is still out there in the never-ending memory of the Universe. Doesn’t matter how you think about getting rid of those ugly thoughts; how you … Read More

Seeing is Believing Is Seeing

You can hear around many times that time honored phrase “Seeing is Believing” And while there is some degree of truth in that wording, in actuality the real way it goes is “Believing is Seeing” There is a big difference between those two phrases. Not just in the words but in the implied relationship. The first one could be the … Read More