Today Is The Day

When are you going to get around to it? How much longer are you going to put that off? Why are you always behind when it comes to getting things done? Why? Why? Why? . Ever ask these questions of yourself?  Well, maybe not in these words exactly, but ever ask anything close to these? If you answered, No, I … Read More

Where Are My Keys

The truth is my thoughts are creating my reality and my life constantly. Not a single moment goes by in which my mind is not creating. Even when I am sleeping or resting or meditating, my mind is full of thoughts. Whether I am thinking something on purpose or just letting my mind fill itself with thoughts on autopilot, I … Read More

Why Not Dream Big

Many people have been taught to accept a way of thinking that leaves them with very little results when they are trying to bring something new and wonderful into their lives. They have been taught that most good things come into their lives on an incremental basis. And that there is only a certain amount of good in the Universe, … Read More

Attention Please

. You can pay attention. You give attention. You can focus your attention. You can give your attention to things. People can ask you things like May I please have your attention. Your attention can be grabbed by things. There are a lot of phrases in existence that talk about attention. Suffice it to say, that attention is a really … Read More

The Little Blue Pencil

Once upon a time there was a little blue pencil. He was a little 3H grade so that his lead was kind of hard and the mark he made on the paper was a bit lighter than some of the other pencils. He liked thinking that he could make a nice drawing along with some of the other pencils. He … Read More

Fill Your Glass Today

One of the great Universal ideas of all time was the idea of all time being the present moment. It’s not just that there really isn’t any reality to the past at all; the past certainly feels real enough. Like when you are bringing back those horrible feelings from the time in school when those kids were all making fun … Read More

How Many Roads

In the end, it doesn’t really matter where you started, it really only makes a difference where you wound up. An interesting kind of idea, and one that many folks don’t quite know what to do with. There are 3 parts to any journey, even journeys of self-discovery. First part of the journey is knowing where you are starting from. … Read More

You Already Know

If you are even a little bit like a lot of folks in the world, you may have heard a little, squeaky almost whiny kind of voice in your head sometimes. Not like the crazy kind of voice you hear people using at the bus station or in the park sometimes when they are carrying on both sides of a … Read More


The Universe is a pretty big place and lots of times we can kind of use the internet as a metaphor for the way the universe works. All connected in ways that are hard to see in a physical sense but very very real nonetheless. One of those ways is happening right now. One of our online ALOL friends has … Read More

Time For A Change

It’s hard sometimes to tell what time it is. Even harder on occasion to tell what time really is. We try to measure it. We spend it. We kill it (not too often, I hope). Waste it. Fritter it away. But we still don’t really know what it is. Time is such an integral part of our world that you … Read More