Simple Ways To Boost Your Self Confidence

We live in a big world. It’s full of things and full of people always moving around, breathing, kicking up dust and in general contributing to the untidiness of our immediate space. Boy, that’s a mouthful. In fact, all it means is this: if you want to boost your self confidence level, you need to be in charge of your … Read More

How To Become More Self Confident

Pay attention. Pay attention to what you’re doing. Pay attention to what you’re doing in the present moment. The idea of paying attention what you are eating is so simple. And its amazing how often we don’t do this. The truth is, we live in a world packed full of attention seekers. Not just people, but the TV, the phone, … Read More

How To Build Your Self Confidence Fast

Words count. Frankly, they count a whole lot. And words that you write down, to celebrate a success, to stir the heart of a loved one, to explain what is going on in your life count the most. We all learned this back in the day in school when assignments were not considered to be accomplished until they were on … Read More

The Sacred Circle

In the last few years, it’s become a popular topic to speak about having lived past lives. To bring memories of those lives into our present day time and to chat about this idea in casual conversation. Living past lives is a hot topic. But here’s the thing about reincarnation. In order to have had all those past lives and … Read More

Desiderata Auf Deutsch

The Desiderata poem written in 1927 by Max Ehrmann has been translated into many languages. Each of those languages brings a charm and individualization to the ideas of the original poem. For instance, both the French Desiderata translation and the beautiful translation of the Desiderata poem into Spanish sound serene and beautiful. The German Desiderata translation, on the other hand, … Read More

Desiderata Posters and Prints

One of the most iconic pieces of positive thinking literature ever written is the Desiderata poem by Max Ehrmann. Although popular legend has it that the Desiderata prose poem was found in in the basement of St Paul’s church in Baltimore, Maryland, in fact the piece was written in 1927. Mr. Ehrmann produced many other pieces of excellent writing throughout … Read More

Desiderata Poem In Tagalog – Tula Desiderata Salin Sa Tagalog

The pilipino language is a beautiful tongue and this translation of the Desiderata poem by Max Ehrman into Tagalog is excellent. The Desiderata in Tagalog Magpatuloy kang mahinahon sa gitna ng kaguluhan at pagmamadali, at tandaan kung anong kapayapaan ang maaaring mayroon sa katahimikan. Hangga’t maaari, walang pagsuko, magkaroon ng mabuting pakikipag-ugnayan sa lahat ng mga tao. Sabihin ang iyong … Read More

Farahri – Take Me As I Am Music Video

One of the best parts of the internet is that we get to meet so many interesting and positive people. The ability of the web to bring us closer together in ways we might never have dreamed of otherwise is one of the best feature about being online. Recently, we were introduced to the music of Farahri, a Canadian born … Read More

Amanda Schaub and Shane VanOosterhout

  At we are always searching the web for positive people, no matter if their chosen profession is sales, motivational speaking, bell tower repair or in this case, Social Media Marketing. Our online friends Amanda Schaub and Shane Van Oosterhout run a company named Media Beetle in Michigan and their goal is to help businesses large and small with … Read More