Attention Please

attention please


You can pay attention. You give attention. You can focus your attention. You can give your attention to things. People can ask you things like May I please have your attention. Your attention can be grabbed by things.

There are a lot of phrases in existence that talk about attention. Suffice it to say, that attention is a really big deal in our world.

Attention is one of the ways we know what is going on in the Universe. And it’s a pretty important way. It is actually one of the most common ways we have for learning and seeing things in our world.

We all know how to pay attention, to give attention to people places and things, so that is not much of an issue.

But there is an issue with attention, and that is competition.

  • What are you going to give your attention to?
  • Who are you going to pay attention to?
  • What are you going to focus your attention on?

There is an entire Universe of things outside of you that are competing for your attention and often it seems that things that draw our attention like a magnet are the very worst things in the world.

news television

Don't Touch That Dial

The news, for instance, is on almost constantly during the day. And it is chock full of ugly, mean, horrible stories. And because the programs are well produced and designed for maximum attention to be drawn, many people watch this throughout the day.

And since the programs on the TV are really designed to gather and keep your attention in an effort to hold that attention throughout the commercials, you are kind of left with this type of scenario.

TV News Person: Stay tuned because we are going to show you some graphic footage of a horrible disaster where lots of people lost everything they ever owned and many wound up dead . . .  and then we would like you to buy some of this breakfast cereal. OK?

Sounds goofy when you see it written down like that, but at its core, that is what watching TV, especially the news is like.

Not Just The TV Anymore Either


Ugly News FIRST - Then Email

It isn’t just the TV anymore either. Many people get up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their email. Not mentioning any names here of email providers, but there are quite a few very popular ones where the first thing you see when you login in the morning are news tidbits. And very rarely, are these news tidbits of anything happy or light. Just dark and ugly.

And that happens to millions of people around the world every single day. You wake up and from sleeping after being as close to the spirit world as is possible on the physical plane and your attention is immediately demanded by others competing to show you the worst things imaginable. Minutes after you wake up.

It is no wonder so many people feel so bad all the time.

Fortunately for us, it is in fact, our attention to pay, to give, to focus and there is no rule that says we have to focus on negative things.

Really, we looked it up in the rule book and there is no rule about that at all. You are in charge of what you pay attention to. Just you. Nobody else.

So maybe you could consider trying this today.

big heart

Pay Attention To What You Love

Find a picture of something that makes you feel good insde when you look at it.

Pick a time to today when you are going to give your attention to this picture. Perhaps a 5 minute segment of your day, or maybe a halkf an hour or maybe you could even try an entire 60 minute block of time.

Then when that time comes around today, get your image out and look at it and feel that good feeling in your heart. Think about why you get that feeling. If it is a picture of somewhere you would like to go, think about going there, imagine how nice it will feel to get ready for your trip, to find a great hotel, to take wonderful photos, whatever things you like to do that can be associated with that image.

If it is a kitten, think about how nice the kitten’s fur feels when it is sitting on your lap purring.

If it’s a person, think about how good it feels to be with that person. How wonderful you feel when you think of them.

Put your attention on those good things. It is your attention to pay, to give, to focus and there is no reason at all why you can’t put your attention on positive things that bring you good feelings, instead of negative things that bring you bad feelings.

You deserve it.

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2 Comments on “Attention Please”

  1. Susan

    UGH, so true this is. And sometimes it takes a while just to hear the voice and then I wonder How long has my mind been talking to me like this? Thanks for the good words.


    1. Michael

      I don’t think we are born with the little voice that says not so nice things to us, but most times it doesn’t take long for that negative thinking to be more prominent than anything else. One of the great parts of the internet is that it has made finding like minded people a whole lot easier. 🙂

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