Are We There Yet?

road trip to california

Are We There Yet ?

Who hasn’t had this experience? Either from a parent point of view or from a kid point of view.

Here’s how it often works.

You and your family decide you are going to go for a trip in the car. Maybe a long trip that is going to take a few days or maybe even just to the ice cream shop that is a few miles away. Let’s say you are all going to take a trip to an amusement park in another state. Six Flags maybe, the one in Valencia, California and you live in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Now if you look on the map, you can see that California and New Mexico are separated only by the state of Arizona. Hmm, you think, that’s not too bad; they are almost right next to each other. Even better, they are basically on the same highway, interstate 10. Or as folks in California like to say “The 10.”

3 state flags

Arizona - Right In The Middle

Sounds Like An Easy Trip

So your trip is going to consist pretty much of:

  • Getting onto I-10 in Las Cruces and then getting off in Los Angeles
  • Heading north a few miles on a couple of other freeways

Easy as pie. Probably won’t even have to turn on the GPS to do any navigating until you get to LA.

smiley being cool

Very, Very Cool

Cool. Tickets get bought online so you don’t have to stand in line at the front gate at Magic Mountain. Hotel accommodations also from a website (thank you Al Gore for creating the internet for us), the car gets washed, gassed up and filled to the brim with suitcases, DVDs, mobile devices, snacks, and last of all your family.

Everybody manages to squeeze in around the various stacks of magazines, drink containers, and bags of Cheetohs and you’re off.

Down the driveway, heading for the freeway on ramp, and then its pedal to the metal time, baby and you’re off on the open road headed for fun and adventure in the land of endless sunshine, Californ-I-A. Nothing can hold you back now, you’re ride is going to be as smooth as the filling in one of those French silk chocolate pies you love so much.

Your dream of a fabulous road trip is materializing itself mile by mile with the wind in your hair (so to speak) and nothing between you and endless rides on the roller coasters except a few scenic miles of desert highway. Perfectissimo.


desert highway

A Few Scenic Miles Of Desert Highway

Until you get to the border of Arizona

Then you hear the first iteration of that timeless road trip refrain that you knew in your heart of hearts was going to be filling your car’s interior. After all it rally is only a matter of time before somebody starts it off and then everybody in the car is echoing that most feared of phrases

Are We There Yet ?


The first dozen or so times you hear it, you just kind of answer politely, No, we have a bit farther to go, how about a snack or a new game on your ipad?

But then sooner or later, and usually sooner, your polite tone of voice turns into a snarky whine, and then anger and then finally sullen silence as you realize that even though New Mexico and California are separated by only one state - Arizona; that not only is Arizona a pretty wide state, but that you also have to travel all the way across California to reach Valencia which is right on the coast. And you started your trip from the middle of New Mexico.

wide arizona

Will It Never End ??!!??


This is when you start wishing for rocket boosters and you start telling yourself that the cops don’t pay that much attention to cars traveling over 100 MPH because the desert is just so big and they know everyone is in a hurry to get somewhere else. You might even still be thinking that as the trooper is giving you your speeding ticket. Just don’t say it out loud.

And what started off as a great adventure has turned into a long, sour and agonizing ordeal, even though you really wanted to go on this adventure when you started planning. The trip of a lifetime, you told yourself, and now you are wishing this part was over and done with already.

The Honest Truth

Truth is, though, it was a great idea to go on an adventure, and even if it seems a bit rough right at the moment, it doesn’t mean it wasn’t a great idea. But it is possible that bit of shifting might be in order so that your days and nights on the road are not filled with monotone of constant tire hum and endless drones of

Are We There Yet ?


And the best way to feel better (the only way, actually) is by a change in thinking.

Pretty much the way every single thing in your life gets changed. You start with a thought. Maybe you start with something like this.


“I just wish I could be done with all this ickiness. I am so tired of listening to all the whining and kvetching in the car, I could just scream. Oh wait a minute, I already did that, and they are still asking me if we’re there yet”


Well, maybe not the greatest of thoughts to get yourself started on a change, but this is where you are. After a couple of moments of wallowing in your self pity, maybe you could try a different thought.


“Ok, so I guess I could have measured the miles across Arizona or gotten online and found the entire length of the trip out before I started. Well, you know I could probably do that now, with at little bit of GPS magic.”


That thought’s a little bit better. Maybe you could even have another thought after that, something like

“Oh, that’s not so bad; we are already more than halfway there. That’s actually pretty good, and you know its getting bit cooler now and I know we can’t get all the way there in one day, so its probably just about time to stop for a bite to eat and stretch our legs a little bit.”


And after a dinner break and a bit of moving around and a little rest for driving, your thoughts can mold themselves into a form that is actually kind of pleasant.


“Self, here’s the deal. You know you started out on this trip intending to have a good time. But there is not any reason why you have to wait to have a good time until you get to your destination. Since you are here right now, there isn’t any reason why you can’t enjoy your time right in this very moment.”


Now that’s more like it. A lot more pleasant type of thought to be thinking. And when you allow yourself to relax and enjoy your moment right now, your day goes a lot better. And that feeling of relaxation and rest then allows you to think an even better thought.


“This ride in the car is just one part of the journey. There’s still the fun of the theme park to be enjoyed and then the ride home and after that, well, who knows maybe we could make this an annual event or maybe next time we could go somewhere different or maybe we could think of some other kind of adventure to have. But no matter what we decide to do, it is our trip to enjoy each and very moment of it, if we choose to.”


“And the truth is, the goal of a journey is to enjoy the journey, the destination is just one single part of the whole trip. And there’s not really any reason why I can’t enjoy every step of my journey. Its my journey, and if I want to love every minute of it, why not. I so deserve to treat myself well.”


Have a nice trip today.


72 Comments on “Are We There Yet?”

  1. Donna Merrill

    Now that is exactly how I view my life. It is one big journey. There are goals (my destinations) but the journey is part of the fun. When I get off track I remind myself to stay in the moment! Take a few deep breaths and re-adjust.
    I can relate to this story for business too. There are the golden goals, the short term goals and the daily tasks you do to reach them. Sometimes it gets frustrating and you start thinking “are we there yet?” But then come to the here and now space, in the moment! Then you can enjoy the ride.
    On car rides, I would get a panic attack if I only thought of my destination. It is an adventure and so much to see along the way. So I take extra time to get there. I may stop at a town I’ve never been before and meander or eat. I may decide to stay at a hotel and make the trip more comfortable.
    Thanks for this post, you have me assessing myself!
    Donna Merrill recently posted..The Art of Active ListeningMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Donna. You have such a kindness and knowledge in your writing. 🙂

      I have not heard goals named that way before, golden goals. I really like that phrase and that idea. We are going on our journey anyway, there doesn’t seem to be any reason I know of that we can’t enjoy it along the way. 🙂

  2. Rachel Lavern

    We should all remember that part of what we enjoy is the feeling of accomplishment from learning, from overcoming obstacles, from choosing to be resilient and tenacious in the pursuit of a dream. It is not only the fulfillment of the dream that we want–it is the entire package of confidence and accomplishment that comes with that dream. Keeping this in mind makes it easier to enjoy the journey. And when we enjoy the journey, the law of attraction goes to work making it an easier ride.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..2 Easy Tools for Resisting TemptationMy Profile

    1. Michael

      This is so true Rachel, our journeys are our entire lives. We might see a portion of that trip as our experience right at this moment, but the whole package is there right in front of us. either as our past experience, right now, or what is yet to come. No sense in denying ourselves the fun of any of that adventure.

    1. Michael

      So true, Kostas. Getting there is at least half the fun, sometimes a great deal more than half. 🙂

  3. Stacy

    This is so true! If we don’t have the right kind of thinking then we will be miserable during this journey of life. We will always be yearning for the next destination, unhappy with where we are at. With a shift in our thinking we can learn to enjoy where we are at in the journey and it will be so much more pleasant for both ourselves and those around us! 🙂

    Great reminder! 🙂
    Stacy recently posted..How Often Should You Post For Optimal Results?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Stacy,

      Exactly. Why cut out part of the enjoyment of the process of our lives. Life is always moving along, it doesn’t really stop anywhere. If we wait until we are done moving till we allow ourselves to enjoy what we have, we are going to miss out on a lot. I would ever so much rather enjoy where I am right this very minute, instead of waiting around to enjoy the future. 🙂

  4. Lynn Jones

    Wonderful story to get your point across about enjoying our journey called life. We do have the choice to pick the right outlook on our situation. Many times I have to kick myself and be reminded that I have that power!
    Thanks for the great word picture. It will stick in my mind, I know.
    Lynn Jones recently posted..How You Can Have a Healthy LifeMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Stacy. I like that, a word picture. That makes a lot of sense. You are right, we do on occasion have to kick ourselves (not too hard,of course) to keep ourselves understanding who really does have the power in our lives. 😉

  5. alicia@yboggle

    What a great analogy ! We start the different adventures in our lives and most of the time, we want the micro-wave instant result. It reminded me again, it takes time and dedication to get to where we want to be our end result. It takes commitment and effort to grow our families and marriage. I say, regardless of our destination, let’s have fun in the journey.
    alicia@yboggle recently posted..A Cruising Adventure for Real SailorsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Alicia. 🙂 Very, very true. The microwave results are nowhere near as satisfying as the results we get with time and dedication. And why not enjoy the journey, its a vital part of our lives.

    1. Michael

      Driving a long way with kids is a different kind of experience – a lot of fun, and a great kind of journey. 🙂

  6. Dr. Erica Goodstone


    What a great metaphor for living life and making changes. We get started in a new venture in business or we start a new promising relationship. At first we are all excited about the potential for something amazing to happen. But as we go along, things are not going as smoothly as anticipated. Life happens. Delays and obstacles and difficulties occur. Our emotions may be stressed and challenged.

    The question is, Can we manage to enjoy the journey instead of waiting to reach our destination before we will feel good about it?


    Dr. Erica

    1. Michael

      Thank you, Dr. Erica, for your very kind words. You are so right, if we wait until our journey is over to enjoy our lives we are going to miss out on a lot. It makes so much more sense to live our days to the fullest. 🙂

    1. Michael

      I agree, Rick, it’s takes some time to get that vantage point. I have done my fair share of journeying and still do. I am not ready to hang up my travelin’ shoes just yet. 🙂

  7. Tom Burt

    Great Story Michael! Hmmm, sounds like it might be told from personal memory!? LOL
    I have a similar story about flying a small plane with my two sons from Tampa to Denver. The first leg was horrible, with arguing and stress. I decided I had to calm down and get the situation under control. We discussed the responsibilities of pilot vs. co-pilot, relaxed, got a snack, and continued on. The rest of the two day trip was fun and enjoyable.
    I nejoyed reading your post!

    Tom Burt
    Tom Burt recently posted..What is Pomegranate ?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Tom. Umm, yeah, I guess its possible that it “could” be a personal sort of memory. 😉 I like that, discussing the responsibilities of the pilot and the co-pilot. Sure sounds like it made a really big difference in your trip. Sometimes all it takes is a little bit different perspective. 🙂

  8. marquita herald

    Enjoyable article Michael. Actually, my family could have taught a course in how to enjoy the journey … when I was growing up every single August until my sister and I got into high school my dad drove the four of us across country – from CA to NY. Always a different route so we could see the country and stop and see places of historic and scenic interest. I believe he was a master at teaching us the value of the journey because to this day my fondest memories of that time have to do with the drive across country rather than arrival at any destination.
    marquita herald recently posted..Fresh Start or Regrouping from a Detour … It’s Not too Late to Get Back on Track with GoalsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Marty, for your kind words. That is so cool that you learned about enjoying the journey as a child. What a wonderful kind of adventure to have with your family. And such a blessing to have that ability to enjoy your journey as much or more than your destination. 🙂

  9. Joyce Edwards

    The journey can be the fun part of the trip. Back when I was a kid we would play games to keep ourselve amuse. I can’t remember how to specifically play the license plate game anymore but I do remember that it kept us distracted.

    1. Michael

      It is so true, the journey can often be as much if not more fun than actually reaching the destination. Actually, that sounds pretty good to me. Enjoying the trip AND enjoying the success that comes from reaching our destination. 🙂

  10. John Gaydon

    Hi Michael,

    You tell an interesting tale and it is a great way to spot the difference between thought patterns.

    I find the trick is to be in the moment, something that is all too rare these days. There is so much distraction, many have forgotten how to just “be”.

    When we are enjoying whatever is happening right now with no thought of future or past, we are happy! It is that simple, although I can’t say I am there all of the time. Right now as I look out my office window, the sun is shining on the trees in the yard, it looks very quiet and peaceful. Much better to enjoy this than think of the 5 year old who will be here inside the hour! Even then, It is important for us to enjoy every moment with her.

    I hope we can teach our kid to spend much of her life in present time. The journey of life is everything.
    John Gaydon recently posted..Vegemite – The Nectar Of The Gods – At Least For Aussies!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you, John. You are right, I think we do think in patterns and a lot of them seem to be centered in some other time that isn’t right now. And if most of what we are thinking about has happened already or will happen at some other point in time, we are missing out on the enjoyment of the time we have right this minute. It sounds to me like your child is going to have a great life. 🙂

  11. Jupiter Jim

    The goal of the trip is truly to enjoy the journey. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who say “I’ll be happy when……(fill in the blank)”. And I understand that thinking. We all do. We’ve all been there. Yes, life might truly be easier and more fun when your business really takes off, when you get to live in a warm place year round, when you make the team, when you get to college, when you graduate from college, when you have kids, when your kids finally leave for college, when you get to retire to Florida. However, life is just going to be so much better for you and the people around you if you can try to focus on the good around you while you also wait for that next great change in your life!

    Same thing goes for blogging (in case anyone is wondering! LOL). Here’s a great article on that subject:

    Thanks for sharing, Michael.

    — Jupiter Jim
    Jupiter Jim recently posted..Thesis Tutorial: Add Google Analytics to Thesis Theme 1.8.4 and WordPress 3.3.1My Profile

    1. Michael

      Absolutely spot on, Jim. SO many people spending all their time waiting instead of living. And my own personal opinion is that the Universe is always going to send us over more of what we are spending our time thinking about. So if we are spending our time thinking about something that is going to happen in the future, we are going to get a big bag full of opportunities to wait.

      Nice blog post about that on your site, thank you for sharing it. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Sharon. I am very glad you enjoyed the story and I hope your journey is wonderful.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Sadie, it is always the same question, isn’t it? Interesting how some things never seem to change much. I can well imagine folks riding around in horses and buggies having their kids asking the same question. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you Stevie. I suspect you are right, it seems like kind of a universal sort of experience. 😉

  12. Holly

    I remember many a road trip… some with Are we there yet? Others not so much… New and adventurous routes got more interest –_( and of course as the kids got older and had more electronic toys and concentration was better, we didn’t hear “the dreaded question”).. the same old same old got the “are we there yet”… Interesting that we can perhaps relate that to the journey of life, success and dreams.. Great post!!!

    1. Michael

      Many, many trips. We live in the desert, and places are far apart here. So maybe i heard more than my share of this question. It is true, for sure, that it is possible to relate this story to a journey through life and success and dreams. Seems like a very pleasant thing to do, enjoy the journey through life. 🙂

  13. Paul Reimers

    It can be easy to lose sight of the journey in our pursuit of a goal. The increasing speed of life only adds to this and like when we are in a fast moving vehicle can get tunnel vision. The cool part is that it’s all just a point of view and we always have the capacity to shift and appreciate how every moment of our journey can matter and be amazing if we allow ourselves to be present and flow with it.
    Paul Reimers recently posted..A Powerful Technique to Make Decisions EasyMy Profile

    1. Michael

      So true, Paul. Its not like we stop living while we are the journey. Our life is still continuing and we will miss out on so much if we try to waiting to live until we finish our trip. You are right, it is cool that we can actually decide to change how we think, and then actually make the change.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Martin. 🙂 I remember saying hat myself many a time, and then hearing my kids say it to me. You’re right, having the ability to make something negative into something positive is one of the really good parts of life.

  14. Julieanne van Zyl

    What a wonderful story Michael! Reminded me so much of our family’s driving adventures. We would go from half way up Australia on one side, right down south to the middle of Australia, 2000 kilometres. We used to do it in 2 days. I know exactly what you mean about enjoying the journey.

    We found lots of games for our daughter to play in the back of the car, then we started taking it in turns playing our own favorite CD for an hour. We would stay somewhere overnight, go out for tea, stop at a playground and walk through nature strips. One time, when it was really hot, we stopped and went for a swim in swimming pool.

    Life is all about enjoying the journey, and going on a trip like that makes you realise how we can choose whether to enjoy it or not. I must say though, I enjoy the journey a lot more when I fly there:-)

    bye for now, Julieanne
    Julieanne van Zyl recently posted..What’s the Best Method for generating leads on a blog?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Julieanne. You are right about it being important to enjoy the journey. If we wait until we are somewhere else to enjoy ourselves, we are going to miss out on so many of the good things of life. No sense in hanging around waiting for our life to begin or to change, we are truly living right here in this very moment. 🙂

    1. Michael

      I agree, driving is the best time to think, since I live in the desert, it is wide open most of the place. And it is a very peaceful place to drive most of the time. 🙂

  15. Kevin Martineau

    Hi Michael:

    I have definitely experienced the “Are we there yet?” syndrome from both sides. 🙂

    As you said, changing our thought patterns is so critical. We can choose to be grouchy and upset or we can choose to enjoy the moment and the journey.

    Great post!

    Kevin Martineau recently posted..As You WishMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Kevin,

      I have experienced that from both sides as well. 🙂 So true it is that our mindset is the single most critical factor in our lives each day. One small change in that can mean an entirely different experience of our life.

  16. William Earl Amis Jr III

    This is fantastic and goes with reality of a lifetime of adventures. Once we understand the journey and not just going through life as so many misunderstand. We can begin to enjoy each amazing day.

    Hey, just visualize the day before with knowing you shape it. Then when you wake, just do it. Think about everyday as writing a story of a journey with no end. It is an awesome way to get things done.

    I love learning and coaching every day. Sharing these adventures in the way you have mastered is just exciting. That is what we should all understand.

    Mike I love your style and feel your one of our great visionaries. I can’t wait to visit again.

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your very kind words, William. It is that way, that the journey counts as much or more than the destination. The destination is just one point on our journey, if we miss out on enjoying the whole trip and put off our enjoyment until the end of our trip, we miss out on a lot indeed. I am so humbly grateful that you call me a visionary, thank you very, very much. 🙂

  17. Steve Nicholas

    Great post, Michael! I remember the first time that I rode from Texas to Pennsylvania with my soon-to-be wife (we were apart due to our being in school). Since we were going east, that meant that the exit numbers were going up, and we kept thinking, “We can’t be in Tennessee too much longer.” Then, “How much longer are we going to have to be stuck in Tennessee? We should be in Virginia by now!” I don’t think it would’ve been quite as bad heading west because we would have known how many miles were left, but why should it seem longer just going through Tennessee than driving the same distance on I-64 passing through Kentucky and WV?
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Are You Winning in the Margins?My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thanks Steve. I used to travel around upstate New York and that gets pretty long on I-90. And out west, those stretches between towns can get really, really long. If I didn’t learn to enjoy myself on those trips and in the rest of my life, I would have missed out on a lot of cool adventures.

  18. Laura Morris

    I have to tell you Michael, that I laughed out loud several times throughout this post!! Due to some rather agonizing events in our lives over the past year, that seemed kind of like a combination between being trapped in a pressure cooker on a roller coaster, after a while, humor was the only way to get through it!! Thank goodness life has settled a bit and many blessings arose from the tragic events with our poor daughter in law’s brain tumor and emergency surgery last summer. She is doing ok under the circumstances.

    We made a trip recently from L.A (I used to live in Valencia incidentally) to Salt Lake which is perhaps the same distance as your trip. We had our little 7 year old grandson in the car the W —H—O—L–E time! He must have said “how soon till we’re there?” about 5000 times! That’s what made me crack up so hysterically from your post!!

    The heartfelt part of this is that our lives are so truly blessed, and indeed are a journey. My precious grandson could have said that 5000 more times and I would not have cared because I love him so much and am so lucky to have him. He was born 3lbs 3 oz and lived in the NIC U for a month.

    Thank you for making me smile!!!

    Laura Morris
    Laura Morris recently posted..Top 10 Ways Ways to Ensure a Growing MLM BusinessMy Profile

    1. Michael

      The laugh of recognition. Kind of like , “I’ve done that”

      I’m familiar with those words from both sides, but not so much from my grandchildren. I’ve really only taken one trip of any length with them, and we managed to keep up a pretty good conversation the whole way. 🙂

      I am so glad that your daughter in law is doing better. And your precious grandson too. I know my life would be way different without my kids and grandkids.

      You are so right, we are indeed on a journey, and there’s no reason I can think of why we shouldn’t enjoy the traveling part as much or than the destination. I hope your day goes wonderfully today. 🙂

  19. Willena Flewelling

    That middle stretch is always the longest! The first part goes quickly, and you find yourself thinking, “10% down, and it’s only 10 times this long till the finish line.” It’s measurable! So is the last stretch, when you can almost SEE the finish line. But that middle section isn’t. It always seems like an uncharted, endless wasteland. With interesting or motivating thoughts to occupy our minds, that long stretch isn’t so formidable or endless.

    I love your story, and how well it illustrates real life. Thank you for sharing.

    Willena Flewelling
    Willena Flewelling recently posted..The Power of the Mastermind: The Driving ForceMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Willena,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You are so right, it is indeed the middle stretch that is the longest, and it goes so much better when we relax and enjoy our journey instead of looking out the window and wishing we were somewhere else. These are our lives to enjoy, no sense in skipping over the journeying part, that’s for sure.

  20. Leslie Denning

    I loved this post, Michael. In that respect, I was lucky to have only one child. No fighting in the back seat. We traveled without air conditioning, MP3 players, or DVD players when she was little. Don’t know how we did it. I do remember that plaintive cry come out of my mouth when we traveled to California from Colorado when I was 15. The desert was sooo hot, and no air conditioning. I’ve learned to enjoy the journey much more as I’ve grown older – not just on the road but in life. Thanks for sharing.

    All the best,
    Leslie Denning recently posted..A Halloween Treat for YouMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Leslie. I remember those days with no A/C in the car, no seatbelts, and 10 miles to the gallon so we had to stop a lot if we traveled any distance at all. It is ever so much better nowadays but truthfully I do miss going places with my kids sometimes. 😉

  21. William Amis

    Michael, that was in it self a huge journey reading this article. I finally realize that we all think of our lives the same way once we start a real business. We have to keep positive thoughts and face each challenge as a learning point.

    I coach this to all our global partner and patience is something to add to our lifetime journey. Just enjoy life more and make each day an adventure.

    We start each day already mapped from last night. Why not make it a glorious adventure and then tell about it in an article. You learn new things everyday that way you setup your journeys. It is a positive thought and a loving heart that will make it through each step.

    Michael this was a strong supportive article that I read twice. I had to based on it has feeling to it. Everyone can see themselves in it and that is what makes it great. Thank you from this reader.

    Always a good learning experience on your site.
    William Amis recently posted..Mastering ActionMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Absolutely right, William, why not enjoy the journey while we are taking it? And it is exactly that way in our businesses, we all know people who are always wanting to know if we are there yet. And if they could just slow down a bit and enjoy the wonderful adventure they are on, their days would be ever so much brighter. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, DeAnna. 🙂

      It is our trip, for sure, and we do get to choose to we are going to feel along the way. And it is just part of the trip, not the entire journey.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Greg, these are fun stories to write, I enjoy looking at things from a little bit different perspective. I love being on the journey I am on, even when things might be looking a little grim, I still love it. 🙂

  22. Raena Lynn

    Hi Michael,

    This was an engaging post! I enjoyed reading it all the way through. I can relate to some of the initial thoughts that seem to surface when I find myself in a similar situation. I’ve experienced your “Are we there yet?” scenario many times.

    I like the way you gave examples of the thought process to transition from negative to positive. Living by the moment is the answer to feeling joy. I’m working on it every day. When I notice the “crazy” thoughts creeping in, I consciously make an effort to re-focus and think of other positive replacements, rather than “mind whining.” It really doesn’t do any good for you or anyone else.

    This is a very important reminder to all of us to realize life is a journey. Along the way we will face joy, challenges, disappointment, and elation…not to mention hundreds of other feelings. Our emotions and feelings will surface, but as you pointed out, we can take a step by step approach to changing the negative to the positive and actually enjoying an unpleasantly perceived activity as wonderful! Thanks Michael.

    Raena Lynn
    Raena Lynn recently posted..PureLeverage Review 100% Commissions Using The EZ Money FormulaMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Raena,

      Thank you for your wonderful words. 🙂

      You are so right, life is our journey, it is ours to make the most of that we can or something less. TO my way of thinking it is more fun to make the most of it. No matter what our personal beliefs about living multiple lifetimes are, the only time we have is this very present moment, and that is the one to put our energy into.

      We are always “somewhere” even if our “crazy” thoughts are telling us something different. I really like that phrase “mind-whining” that is such a good way to put it it brings out the perfect picture in my head.

      Time to let go of that idea and fill our hearts an minds with healthy and positive thoughts. 🙂

  23. Beverly Knox

    Our Journeys might be a little bumpy as life sometimes can be but if we can just remember that learning the journey is sometime slow which helps us to succeed faster through the next journey.

    1. Michael

      So true, Beverly, our journeys take exactly the amount of time that we decide they are going to take. And all journeys are valuable for us, whether they are slow ones or quick trips. 🙂

  24. Chery Schmidt

    Hi Michael, I Love road trips! I am actually not the best driver but I am a great passenger.. I cannot sleep while the car is driving nor can I read so I can keep the driver company. I do like to say Are We There Yet though!! HEHE I do think this comes from my childhood. * of us traveling in a station wagon was a BLAST!! When I think back on this I wonder how my dad put up with all of us.. Sweet Memories.. Thanks for sharing. Chery 🙂
    Chery Schmidt recently posted..At Some Point In Life Everyone Needs HelpMy Profile

    1. Michael

      I remember those times of going on trips as a kid very fondly. Sitting in the back- back of the station wagon, no seat belts, just cruising down the highway. I loved it. That is where the memory of “Are we there yet?” came from to write this True Story.

      Thank you for sharing your memories, I hope you get to go on a lot more road trips. 🙂

  25. Patricia Gozlan

    Impatience of getting where we want to go is something many business owners can relate to including myself.

    Cavafys, a Greek poet reminds us that the journey is more important than arriving to Ithaca.
    Here is a great video about this:)

    What if God had chosen for our highest good all these roads, twists and turns before we arrive where we are supposed to?
    Being in the now is about focusing on what IS rather on what the destination will be.

    Wonderful metaphor Michael, thanks for this great reminder!
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..3 Success Mindset Secrets That Catapult Your ResultsMy Profile

    1. Michael

      So true, Patricia. We do wind up focusing on the destination rather than on the journey. This, I believe, is one of the biggest problems with goal-setting systems. Not that the system in itself is bad, but that the people who implement the system wind up focusing on the end, rather than on the experience.

      Now is the only moment in which we can live, and if we spend all our time trying to live some other time, we are only going to lose out twice.

      I wrote another True Story about this very topic here is the link for it:

      Zombie Days.

      Thank you Patricia for you kind words. It is always a pleasure to read your insights here and on your site.

      Patricia Gozlan’s Site

  26. Connie

    This is what they mean when they say to enjoy the journey, not just wait for the time to go by until we get to where we were going in the first place.

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