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The Universe is Big

The Universe is a pretty big place and lots of times we can kind of use the internet as a metaphor for the way the universe works. All connected in ways that are hard to see in a physical sense but very very real nonetheless.

One of those ways is happening right now.

One of our online ALOL friends has put together a great new website where she and her husband are offering all kinds of great spiritual and metaphysical books.

Even cooler is that June 6 is her birthday, that was their kind of grand opening launch day and they are offering a discount for purchase made between June 1 and July 1.

Her site is absolutely beautiful, she told me her son designed it. Upbeat and happy, pretty much what you would expect to see on a website whose theme is finding the spiritual gold at the end of the rainbow.

Here is the link to her site:


The site itself is in German, even though the name is Latin. And even if you don’t read German, please takes a minute to check it out; the site itself is really well done from a design standpoint. And if you do read German, even better, she has a great collection of ebooks there.

As an even bigger amount of coolness, Ruth is sharing some of the messages From ALOL with her blog readers. She translates them into German and posts them on her blog. All with permission, of course.

I don’t know yet if she is going to do this everyday, but she started with the message from her birthday, which is the one about trying new things. Check it out at this link here:

Wie cool das ist

Thank you Ruth, for being willing to add your light to the beauty of the Universe for all to see.

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