An Endless Journey

The beliefs we have about who we are create our lives. Everything we have ever learned, every experience, every moment spent dreaming in the sun or lying awake in our beds filled with worry, we use to construct our world.

The idea is simple at its core. Our thoughts create our world. Consistent thoughts create worn grooves in our minds. Those patterns of thinking are our beliefs. Those habitual thoughts we use to measure new ideas against to see if they are true. And we imagined all of them to start with.

If you would like a different life, start with thinking different thoughts. Right this moment.

Immortal being on an endless journey

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  1. Becky

    ‘An Endless Journey’ – I love this and have been thinking very much about this very idea in recent weeks.

    What I have learned is that your personal growth must NEVER end. It is like the analogy of a tree – as long as it is growing, it is healthy and very much alive, the moment is stops growing, it begins to wilt and die.

    Our thoughts absolutely create our reality.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂
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    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Becky. It is so true, that when we see ourselves in this light, of eternity, without any disguise or pretense, our hearts understand the joy in which we live every moment. And our lives become overflowing with peace. You’re right, our thoughts do create our reality, how wonderful to be so at peace in heart. 🙂

  2. Rick Lelchuk

    I like the image of worn grooves in our mind, kind of like being in a rut. The repetitive thoughts of a multitude of years shapes our thinking moment to moment.

    Being present to your thoughts, directing your thoughts and creating the thought you wish to have is an ongoing calling. It takes initiative to create the world in which you wish to live. We can’t be automatic in our thinking. We must be focused, our attention must be on the things we want and our action must echo our thoughts.


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    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Rick. It’s so true, at first we have these minds that can pretty much think anything, and we copy other people’s thoughts; kind of. We use their words or actions to decide what to think about certain things. And when they act consistently, mirroring their beliefs with their actions, we get used to thinking that those things must be true. So we start using that shorthand sort of thinking all the time. And the strange things is, it was all us that made those thoughts in the first place. That’s actually kind of cool because when we have all the power, we can choose again anytime we want. 🙂

  3. Holly

    I am thinking different thoughts, but sometimes it is easier said than done!! I love the idea that we can create our world by our thoughts… Although at first it may be hard to take, we create where we are in our life whether we like to admit it or not!! Great post!
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    1. Michael

      It’s so true, Holly, we do create our worlds through the thoughts we think. And live in those worlds whether we like them or not. It’s great news that we get to be in charge of our lives, because then we can change what we have if we want to. 🙂

  4. alicia@yboggle

    I appreciate your post very much. When I see my life in retrospect, the present is the result of decisions I made 2-3 years ago. Then I learn that if I do not like the results of today, I have to do changes now to be where I want to be tomorrow. Our thoughts and emotions are key to create actions therefore those new results.
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    1. Michael

      It is true, Alicia, we have the power to make those changes. Especially if we don’t like what we have right now. Sometimes our old choices don’t serve us so well in the right now, but its our life to change. I like that idea. 🙂

  5. Perry Davis

    Hello Michael

    The beliefs we have about who we are create our lives, is as you say is a simple idea. It is so simple we humans look everywhere for the secret. According to an ancient legend, “There was once an argument among the gods over where to hide the secret of life so that men and women would not find it. One god said: Bury it under a mountain; they will never look there. No, the others said, one day they will find ways to dig up mountains and will uncover it. Another said : Sink it in the depths of the ocean; it will be safe there. No the others objected, humans will one day find a way to plumb the ocean’s depths and find it easily. Finally another god said: Put it inside them; men and women will never think of looking for it there for a long time – by the time they are intelligent enough to discover the secret, perhaps they will also be wise enough to use it properly. They all the agreed, and so that is how the secret of life came to be hidden within us.” Thanks for reminding us we can be transformed by the renewing of our mind.


    Perry A Davis Jr
    Music City

    1. Michael

      Hello Perry,
      I had not heard this story before, it is fabulous. And perfectly true. When we do become aware enough to find that truth, we don’t need to look anymore, because we are living it everyday. Thank you very much for sharing this. I love this story. 🙂

  6. Brian Lagoni


    This reminds me of a quote I really really like… ‘how tall should a tree grow?’, which reminds me that we should always strive hard to grow in every dimension of our lives and you are correct when you said that we need to change the way we think if we want to have a better life because for me our thoughts determine how tall our tree grows.


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    1. Michael

      Hi Brian,

      It is so true that our thoughts do tell us how tall we can grow, or how much we should have or what we can and cannot do. SO much better when our lives are full of wonderful things with a little bit of room left for even more wonderful things. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Edwin. You are so right, we are the results of what we have consistently thought. It is almost as if those very thoughts have gone into our souls and found the building block of our lives and rearranged them while we were not looking. Powerful stuff. And when we can control that process, even better for us. 🙂

  7. Yorinda

    Hi Michael,

    it is so good to read you post which strongly resonates with my belief system.

    One thing I recently learned is the that the brain produces an acid which cleans the neural pathways which are formed by our repetitive thoughts. That is why it is so easy to continue with our old habitual thinking.
    This probably goes hand in hand with why the say it takes at least 21 days of consistent application to establish a new habit.

    The picture I have when I think of the neural pathways is the ice slide in the movie ‘Ice Age’.
    Isn’t our brain a marvelous ‘thing’ ??

    Thank you so much for sharing this!
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    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kind words, Yorinda. 🙂 I had never heard of the brain producing that acid, but that surely makes sense to me. It is so easy to wear those grooves into our own minds, and so often they are not even our thoughts to begin but those of our authority figures we learned form as children.

      We hear those idea and then are rewarded or punished for thinking them and taking those actions. Pretty powerful stuff, and that idea abotu the acid etching into our brains sounds exactly correct. And there doesn’t seem to be any real reason why we can’t make a few different pathways if we want to. 🙂

    1. Michael

      Thank you Gaz,

      The idea that we are immortal is at the root of many spiritual traditions. It is peaceful to realize that, and to understand that we are safe in our world.

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