Adam And Eve On A Raft

An Odd Belief

Oddly enough there is a belief that some people have that you can do things in the world we live in out of order. Almost as if things were not time bound and not needing to go in a specific sequence.

For those folks who believe in linear time, this is a hard concept to fathom. I am not 100 percent sure that there is such a thing in the Universe as linear time where step 1 has to be done before step 2 and so on. But even if there is not such a thing as “real” linear time, it is certainly a handy concept to know when your favorite TV program is coming on the telly and for knowing when to take the roast beef out of the oven.

And that idea can really help us out when we want to accomplish something in particular.

egss on toast

Adam And Eve On A Raft

For instance, let’s say we get up on Saturday and we want to go out to breakfast. We can sit around the house all day long and think about having a nice breakfast of 2 eggs on pieces of toast (Adam and Eve on a raft) but unless we get ourselves up and going to the diner, we are going to be hungry a really long time.

We have the idea of being hungry, decide what we would like and take some action on that idea.


Sounds Simple Enough


Those are situations where understanding about visualizing and linear time is really important.

And for some things not so important. Like it’s not so important to figure out when exactly you fell in love with somebody. Or how much time you are spending playing with your dog. Or how long your cat can purr while he is sitting on your lap. You really don’t need any understanding of linear time for those things to be important in your life.

It's All Good

So there are useful points about clock and calendar time and useful points about a more cosmic idea of all time being now.

And interestingly enough, there are some things that you can use to your advantage from both ideas of time.

For instance, when you want to accomplish some particular goal that you have in mind, like before when you were thinking about eating breakfast.

Now simply having your goal in mind is not going to get that goal accomplished.

Not even deciding that you are going to need a goal is going to get anything accomplished.

And dreaming about what your life is going to be like after your goal is accomplished is not going to get it done either.

Those things all belong to the concept of universal never-ending “ALL TIME IS NOW” idea, and truthfully, they are really important when it comes to figuring out what you want in your life. They are just not the only things to be done.

So lots of folks think the steps kind of go like this:


  • Decide that you want something in your life that you don’t have.

Getting a new boat, losing 15 pounds, learning Brazilian Portuguese. Just stuff in general that you want to have or to do.


  • Kick the visualizing machine into gear

When you have your idea of what you want, now is the time for that visualizing machine to kick into gear so that you can start thinking about how great your life is when you are sailing around on the lake, fitting into smaller clothes or chatting up the new Brazilian barista at the corner coffee shop.

Universal ideas enter into your mind and cook around in there so that your new reality is taking over the place of the old reality.

And you’re done. Right?



That is not exactly how things go when you are living in the intersection between the spirit world and the physical plane.

The thoughts are there, the feelings are being felt, the happiness is coming into fruition, but dang it, there is still no boat in the driveway, I still can’t button my pants and the barista is still chatting with somebody else.

What happened?


Keep On Truckin'

The answer to that is simple. Nothing happened. Well, nothing much happened in the physical plane anyway. In the Universal plane, all kinds of thing are going on, and the Universal delivery service is on the job ready and waiting to bring you the objects of your desire.

But you still need to tell the delivery driver where you live. And that idea is a metaphor for you needing to actually do something in the physical world to get your stuff.

You can sit around all you want thinking about how cool you are going to look walking into the club with that hot new barista on your arm. But there you will be sitting, still thinking until you get off your (umm) couch and go on over to the online bookstore to download your copy of Cool Portuguese For Beginners and start studying the language.

You still actually have to do something to get what you want



Where's That Blade of Grass, Phil?

Doesn’t mean you have to know everything ahead of time that you will have to do, no more than you need to know where every blade of grass is in the meadow in order to go take a walk in the morning sun.

But you do have to start, and trust that the Universe is going to help steer you in the right direction.

Really, you start thinking about what you really want in your life, begin imagining how fabulous you will feel when you get it and how willing you are to do things to get that into your life and then begin.

This kind of system works great. Has always worked and will continue to work as long as there is a Universe to dream in. And that is pretty much forever. Is it OK to change your mind about what color boat you want. Of course, it is. You might even decide you want a jet ski instead. No worries. Once you set it into motion, it is yours to change.

So it goes like this:

  • Dream first
  • Do what you are led to do to get your dream
  • Know when you have your dream, so you can start thinking about something new.



All The Parts

That’s it. And those are the steps to get most anything. A nice little intersection of time, ideas, actions and feelings between the physical plane and the Universal world.

A wonderful and fabulously fun way to live. And you get to enjoy that every single day.

Como fresco é que?


4 Comments on “Adam And Eve On A Raft”

  1. Keith Dearborn

    Without Y”All my day would be a great deal less than it always is when I read your e-mails. Today you inspired me. I recently decided, after long procrastination, to learn Spanish. I had Synergy Spanish by Manuel Santmaria for months but avoided it. For the past week I have been using his 31 lessons and downloaded audio (on my iPod) and am having such a great time in between playing Scott Joplin’s Ragtime plus Oscar Peterson and the classical composers. Mi vida es hermosa and you have helped greatly so this 82 yr. old can keep his mind active and life exciting. Thank you so very much! Keith


    1. Michael

      Thank you for your kindness, Keith. Your words are a blessing. 🙂 I believe that life is indeed beautiful and exciting and a true delight every day. And I really like Night Train. 🙂 Mil gracias por sus palabras amables. It is a pleasure to write, thank you for reading and taking the time to write back.

  2. Kim

    I had never heard of such a thing as this kind of food but when I read your post I really got it. Thank you.

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