a sign from the universe

Please Pay Attention

Everybody is looking for a sign. Well, that might be a sweeping generalization that everybody is looking for a sign. But to hear some folks talk, you would think that their entire day consists of waiting around for the Universe to tell them


it’s a good time to do something.

Or it’s a bad time to do something.

Or it’s a time to wait.

Or a time to forge ahead.

It’s a time to look inside in a bout of introspection

Or maybe it’s a time to throw caution to the wind and not think at all but just charge ahead and



 Or maybe not.

There are books you can get that are full of the meanings of various signs and symbols. You can research exactly what a particular culture thought about some symbol to see if that applies to your life.

There are books about number signs. Like series of numbers in a row and what those particular series’ mean. And books full of pictures of animals from around the world and each of those animals has their own particular meaning.

Grizzly Bear

It's 12:12 PM, Where's That Rabbit?

So that if you happen to go outside of your door at 12:12 in the afternoon on Tuesday and see a grizzly ear chasing a rabbit, then that might mean something. And you know what, it probably does mean something.

But here’s the thing about signs. They do mean something, but they mean something to you. They might not mean exactly the same thing to somebody else that saw the same sign as you.

The Universe is always sending you signs in much the same way that there are signs all around us everyday.

Take for instance, a short drive to the local grocery store in a small plaza of associated shops.

Each store in the plaza has its name on a sign mounted on the exterior wall so that anybody who happens to drive or walk by can see what he name of the store is. Now sometimes the signs are very clear. Perhaps the name of one establishment is Wendy’s Dry Cleaners.

You pretty much know that this is a store where you can bring your clothes that cannot be washed in the washing machine at home and they will clean and iron them for you.

peabodys sign

Since 1972

But what if the store has something like this for their sign: Peabody’s. And when they started and that is all it says. You will need to do some further investigation to find out what kind of store Peabody’s is. Nothing wrong with that, a short walk by the shop window and you’ll be able to figure out what this particular store does, no problem. Kind of like looking on the internet to see what significance a hawk flying through your backyard means.

For sure, each of the signs at the plaza has meaning, but they might not be important to you. If you did not need any new pajamas, then a sign over Eddy’s Pajama Boutique is not going to have any real meaning for you. Yes, it probably means they sell PJ’s there, but since you don’t want any right now, you are not going to pay much attention to that sign.

Sometimes It Doesn’t Matter How Cool The Sign Is

The pajama shop sign could be the most beautiful sign ever constructed with flashing lights and a little bell that rings whenever the wind blows and all the colors of the rainbow in a classy lettering style, but if you are not thinking about getting pajamas right now, all that information is worthless to you.

Sure, maybe later, when you need pajamas you will remember that store, but the odds are you will just start looking for a place to buy PJ’s without thinking about that shop at all. This could be similar to what happens if you are walking down the street and you see a sign from the Universe . . .

but it’s for somebody else.

Could be the greatest manifestation of meaning in the world, but if it doesn’t connect with you, it doesn’t make any difference.

Then too, there are signs that tell us to do things. Pretty specific actions, sometimes with consequences if we don’t do things in the way the sign says we should. Things like:


  • Only driving 70 MPH on the freeway
  • Or the doors marked entrance
  • Or the sign at the checkout stand that says “Cash or Credit Only, No Checks”


These are signs which we see, and we understand what they are saying and what they mean, but sometimes we just don’t pay any attention to them. And we act in ways that are quite contrary to what the sign is telling us we should do.

You hear people say stuff like this often. “Oh” they say, “all the signs were there that I needed to lose 50 pounds but I didn’t pay any attention and now I feel awful.”

Or maybe something like –


But Officer, it wasn’t my fault because I dropped my phone while I was texting my BFF because she made me so mad and it landed on top of the accelerator and that what’s made me do 95 in a 70 zone


The Universe is full of signs, and sometimes they are there just for us. And sometimes they are not. Yes, it could be that the dog walking along the street howling at midnight in front of your house might be a sign.

But if you are sound asleep and don’t hear or see the dog, then it doesn’t make much of a difference.

But There’s A Difference


I See You

The signs that are for us, though, are usually significant enough in some way to make us notice, if we pay attention. Some little spark of recognition goes through our inner sense and we think, “Hmm, there is something about the way that owl just looked right at me without moving, that makes me think this might be a sign for me.”

So you go home and fire up your trusty computer and start looking up the meaning of owls. Only to find that there are lots and lots of possible interpretations for seeing an owl. So then it takes a bit of doing to uncover the special meaning that applies to you. And strangely enough, when you find the correct interpretation for you, you will know it, if you are paying attention.

For sure today, the Universe is going to be sending many different signs to many different people.

And yours will be a whole lot easier to spot, if you are expecting one.

Sometimes the only meaning a particular sign might have is telling you that you are safe and loved by the entire Universe.

And you know what? If that is a sign you are expecting to see today, you are going to have a mighty awesome time today. Cool.

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