A Sign From the Universe

a sign from the universe

Please Pay Attention

Everybody is looking for a sign. Well, that might be a sweeping generalization that everybody is looking for a sign. But to hear some folks talk, you would think that their entire day consists of waiting around for the Universe to tell them


it’s a good time to do something.

Or it’s a bad time to do something.

Or it’s a time to wait.

Or a time to forge ahead.

It’s a time to look inside in a bout of introspection

Or maybe it’s a time to throw caution to the wind and not think at all but just charge ahead and



 Or maybe not.

There are books you can get that are full of the meanings of various signs and symbols. You can research exactly what a particular culture thought about some symbol to see if that applies to your life.

There are books about number signs. Like series of numbers in a row and what those particular series' mean. And books full of pictures of animals from around the world and each of those animals has their own particular meaning.

Grizzly Bear

It's 12:12 PM, Where's That Rabbit?

So that if you happen to go outside of your door at 12:12 in the afternoon on Tuesday and see a grizzly ear chasing a rabbit, then that might mean something. And you know what, it probably does mean something.

But here’s the thing about signs. They do mean something, but they mean something to you. They might not mean exactly the same thing to somebody else that saw the same sign as you.

The Universe is always sending you signs in much the same way that there are signs all around us everyday.

Take for instance, a short drive to the local grocery store in a small plaza of associated shops.

Each store in the plaza has its name on a sign mounted on the exterior wall so that anybody who happens to drive or walk by can see what he name of the store is. Now sometimes the signs are very clear. Perhaps the name of one establishment is Wendy’s Dry Cleaners.

You pretty much know that this is a store where you can bring your clothes that cannot be washed in the washing machine at home and they will clean and iron them for you.

peabodys sign

Since 1972

But what if the store has something like this for their sign: Peabody’s. And when they started and that is all it says. You will need to do some further investigation to find out what kind of store Peabody’s is. Nothing wrong with that, a short walk by the shop window and you’ll be able to figure out what this particular store does, no problem. Kind of like looking on the internet to see what significance a hawk flying through your backyard means.

For sure, each of the signs at the plaza has meaning, but they might not be important to you. If you did not need any new pajamas, then a sign over Eddy’s Pajama Boutique is not going to have any real meaning for you. Yes, it probably means they sell PJ’s there, but since you don’t want any right now, you are not going to pay much attention to that sign.

Sometimes It Doesn't Matter How Cool The Sign Is

The pajama shop sign could be the most beautiful sign ever constructed with flashing lights and a little bell that rings whenever the wind blows and all the colors of the rainbow in a classy lettering style, but if you are not thinking about getting pajamas right now, all that information is worthless to you.

Sure, maybe later, when you need pajamas you will remember that store, but the odds are you will just start looking for a place to buy PJ’s without thinking about that shop at all. This could be similar to what happens if you are walking down the street and you see a sign from the Universe . . .

but it’s for somebody else.

Could be the greatest manifestation of meaning in the world, but if it doesn’t connect with you, it doesn’t make any difference.

Then too, there are signs that tell us to do things. Pretty specific actions, sometimes with consequences if we don’t do things in the way the sign says we should. Things like:


  • Only driving 70 MPH on the freeway
  • Or the doors marked entrance
  • Or the sign at the checkout stand that says "Cash or Credit Only, No Checks"


These are signs which we see, and we understand what they are saying and what they mean, but sometimes we just don’t pay any attention to them. And we act in ways that are quite contrary to what the sign is telling us we should do.

You hear people say stuff like this often. “Oh” they say, “all the signs were there that I needed to lose 50 pounds but I didn’t pay any attention and now I feel awful.”

Or maybe something like -


But Officer, it wasn't my fault because I dropped my phone while I was texting my BFF because she made me so mad and it landed on top of the accelerator and that what’s made me do 95 in a 70 zone


The Universe is full of signs, and sometimes they are there just for us. And sometimes they are not. Yes, it could be that the dog walking along the street howling at midnight in front of your house might be a sign.

But if you are sound asleep and don’t hear or see the dog, then it doesn’t make much of a difference.

But There's A Difference


I See You

The signs that are for us, though, are usually significant enough in some way to make us notice, if we pay attention. Some little spark of recognition goes through our inner sense and we think, “Hmm, there is something about the way that owl just looked right at me without moving, that makes me think this might be a sign for me.”

So you go home and fire up your trusty computer and start looking up the meaning of owls. Only to find that there are lots and lots of possible interpretations for seeing an owl. So then it takes a bit of doing to uncover the special meaning that applies to you. And strangely enough, when you find the correct interpretation for you, you will know it, if you are paying attention.

For sure today, the Universe is going to be sending many different signs to many different people.

And yours will be a whole lot easier to spot, if you are expecting one.

Sometimes the only meaning a particular sign might have is telling you that you are safe and loved by the entire Universe.

And you know what? If that is a sign you are expecting to see today, you are going to have a mighty awesome time today. Cool.

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41 Comments on “A Sign From the Universe”

  1. marquita herald

    Terrific article! I see all the time articles telling people to just listen to their hearts to find their passion. It’s not that I disagree with that concept, it’s that for most people the noise and disruption of day to day living makes it pretty darn hard to hear subtle little messages no matter how much we may need them. In fact some people wait their whole lives for a message … any message. I believe in the power of focus and intent, so for me it’s as you artfully stated … stepping out there in the world, taking action and being open to the messages.
    marquita herald recently posted..Admit it: You’re Living Single and Loving it!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Marty. What kind words:-) The messages are there for all of us, and you are right; the noise and interruptions of life make it hard to hear the important things sometimes. And it is so important to step out into the world and let ourselves be open.

    2. Kostas

      I totally agree with Marquita, many people are waiting for a sign to actually start something that could change their life, they actually use this as an excuse for doing nothing. In real life you have to take action if you want to make a difference in your life since no matter how many signs there are if you are not open to listen them and ready to work hard you will never change your life…
      Kostas recently posted..Re-Marketing Your Adwords Ads – A Second Chance To Make A First ImpressionMy Profile

      1. Michael

        You’re right, Kostas. The signs can be there, but if you are not going to take any action on them, they will remain signs , but nothing more than that. Like if your stomach growls and gives you a sign that you are hungry, you can sit in your recliner chair in the living room and think about a grilled cheese sandwich. And think and visualize and plan to create the best cheese sandwich ever and attract it into your life. Or you can just go to the kitchen and make one.

        Thinking about, visualizing and attracting things into our lives works. And they work great along with some action to get those things we want to attract.

  2. Sarah Arrow

    What a deep and thought provoking post Michael. After reading I feel that yes, it’s obvious there are two types of signs and I wonder if people even stop to read them or if they are seeing so many that they now have become blind to them.

    I love the Peabody’s sign and I guess the lesson here is people will miss the sign unless you give them an indication that it’s for them?

    Thanks for this great post.
    Sarah Arrow recently posted..How to embed a tweet in a blog postMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Sarah, thank you for your very kind words today. I do think there are signs all around us. Some are for us, some not so much. And some signs like the Peabody’s are worth investigating to see if they are for us, and if they are not,, its OK to let go of them so we can find the things that are for us.

  3. Raena Lynn

    Hi Michael,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article. I think sometimes we tend to analyze and look into things and “signs” much further than needed. We can always justify a sign no matter the outcome. If something comes to pass because we saw it as a sign, we can say, “See it was sign!” If it doesn’t come to pass, we can say, “It wasn’t a sign at all.” I think the greatest point you make is, “TAKE MASSIVE ACTION RIGHT NOW.”

    The one thing I thought of automatically is buying a car. Let’s say there is particular car you are thinking of purchasing, a Lexus, as an example. Of course everywhere we look, we notice them everywhere! I really believe we selectively tune into what we want to tune into. It’s not like all of a sudden there are a hundred Lexus cars in our town, we just notice because it is what we are thinking about and focusing on.

    Great post!

    Raena Lynn

    1. Michael

      Thank you Raena for your kind thoughts. 🙂 You are right, it is so important to take action. Thoughts do become the things of our lives and in the world we live in, it is usually action that brings those things to us. We see a sign that has significance to us, we have a thought then we act on that thought. Sounds simple when it’s written out like that, mostly because it is. 🙂

  4. Julieanne van Zyl

    Hi Michael, what a fantastic article, and a VERY useful lesson behind it.

    I was reminded of a song, you might be too young to have heard it (I don’t know how old you are Michael:-)

    Here’s a little bit of the song to give you the idea (has a great tune to it also). It was written in the 60s when there were lots of “older generation” people who didn’t like young men with long hair.

    “And the sign says “No long hair freaky people need not apply”
    So I put my hair under my hat and I went in to ask him why
    He said you look like a fine outstanding young man I think you’ll do
    So I took off my hat I said “Imagine that Huh Me working for you”

    Signs Signs Everywhere there’s signs
    blocking up the scenery Breaking up my mind
    Do this Don’t do that Can’t you read the sign
    And the sign says “Anybody caught trespassing will be shot on sight”
    So I jumped the fence and I yelled at the house
    What gives you the right To put up a fence and keep me out
    Or to keep Mother Nature in
    If God was here He’d tell it to your face
    Man you’re some kind of sinner”

    I used to love that song! bye for now, Micheal

    1. Michael

      Hi Julieanne,

      Thank you for your kind comments and for the song. I do remember that song and when I saw the words you had written I immediately started singing it in my head. Now its hard to stop 🙂

    2. Jupiter Jim


      It’s so funny cause before I caught your response I immediately started looking for the lyrics to this song. I found the lyrics but the site wouldn’t let my just “copy and paste” the lyrics, so I said forget! Then I saw that you had copied and pasted the lyrics here and I thought — Hey that must be a sign! So I copied and pasted a link to a video of the song with lots of signs in it! Must be a Sign!!!!

      copy and paste and enjoy all you long haired freaky people! LOL
      p.s. I LOVE the sixties music! It’s my favorite. Then 70’s Then after that, there is no music! Ha Ha!
      Jupiter Jim recently posted..WordPress Tutorial: Add Facebook Social Plugin for “Comments” to your WordPress BlogMy Profile

      1. Michael

        60’s and 70’s music is great.. I still go around hearing those songs in my head sometimes. Just every once in a while something will come up and the lyrics to something like a James Taylor song will fit perfectly. 🙂

  5. Clint Butler

    I love this post Michael. I know early on I was looking for a lot of signs. Signs that this tool will make me money. Signs that i was making the right choice in joining a company. But I found that a lot of signs here on the internet are just bright shiny objects designed to distract us from the real signs we need to see. Those signs are the ones that tell us to focus, not take on too much, and be smart about our daily lives.

    1. Michael

      Thank you Clint for your very kind words. You are right, it is good to look for our signs, and when we see them to go with our hunches about what they mean to us. And that is a pretty big idea, paying attention to real signs instead of bright shiny objects. 🙂

  6. Lynn Jones

    Great article Michael! You know, you are right. What speaks to one, most likely will not mean much to another. What it boils down to for me is…..if I am praying, looking for guidance, then I should look for signs that speak to me about which way to go. They will be there if my eyes are open, whether it is a small sign or a big, huge colorful one. I walk toward that sign, until I get a turn or stop.
    Thank you for getting us thinking!
    Lynn Jones recently posted..“Just Been Paid” Review. I Wished I’d Found It Sooner!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Lynn. 🙂 Our signs are for us individually, and when we look in the right way (with eyes from within), we can spot them and their meaning almost immediately.

  7. Laura Morris

    Hi Michael,

    Very thought provoking post. You are right that so many signs are all around us that resonate with one person more than another strongly. I am a very spiritually guided, intuitive person, so I am always looking for personal signs from God that I am on the right or wrong track in life. I listen intently to “that quiet voice inside” and it usually tells me, and then shows me outwardly with some type of demonstration. I love this because it’s tangible and I can see the confirmation. When I go against this voice I am usually very sorry, and also get a sign that I went the wrong way. The good news is that we are usually shown A NEW SIGN to go in the right direction, hopefully!!

    Laura Morris
    Laura Morris recently posted..The Comfort and Relief of “Mailbox Money” During a Life CrisisMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Laura,

      Absolutely right. Listening tot hat inner guidance and then seeking a confirmation sign in the outside world is a great way to see what rack we are on. The signs are there when we are open to seeing them, and listening to our inside hearts helps us hear those voices of change even more clearly.

  8. Jaden Daniels

    Great article, man. My wife and I believe in the signs from the Universe. Just like getting stuck in traffic is a sign that I always believe that the Universe is keeping me safe. If I would have taken a different route, I might have been in an accident or something. So I see everything with a positive eye.
    Jaden Daniels recently posted..Building My Own WordPress Auction SiteMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Jaden, Thank you for your kind words. Exactly right, what happens is what happen sand how you see it, is how you see it. I like how Louise Hay puts it “Only good lies before me”. Then that kind of covers everything.

  9. Kyle

    Hey Michael,
    This was such a great post for me right now in life. It really made me stop and think about life for a moment. I am always thinking about what certain events mean and what sign the universe is sending me. But like you say the sign i get from something could be the polar opposite to some else. Kind of like horoscope. It all speaks to the reader or viewer differently. 🙂
    Kyle recently posted..EyeProtectorPro Review – Take Breaks! Feel Better!My Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Kyle, you are so right. The signs are exactly what you decide they are going to be. And you are the only one who can decide what any particular thing means to you. That’s pretty cool because it kind o means that whatever you decide is the right interpretation – is the correct one – for you. 🙂

  10. Nile

    I think sometimes for some people who wait for a sign before doing something, they could be missing something important. In a way, I think it is a negative thing to do. We cannot rely on others to give us a sign… it is our own selves that decides what is a sign and acts accordingly.

    If you know what you want, and have a good head on your shoulders, like the old Nike saying – “Just do it.” No matter what you are doing, its a learning experience.
    Nile recently posted..Blogging Ain’t Perfect: Your Blog VoiceMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Nile, true for sure. You are the only person who can decide for you what any sign mean, or if anything has any meaning at all to you. I do think that there are signs, and sometimes we see them and sometimes we don’t. And I also think that if we miss them the first time, they will be back around in a slightly different form to catch our eye.

  11. Jeffrey Sooey

    Interesting article. I do agree that there are signs all around us and that it is our choice if we act on it or not. These signs may be telling us something or maybe not, but what is important is that we should do what we can for the improvement of ourselves. Waiting for a sign before we do something can be a waste of time and only gives us an excuse not to grab the opportunity that is in front of us.

    1. Michael

      So very true, Jeffrey. The signs are all around us and there is no sense waiting for them to appear and it is always the right time to create something for ourselves. 🙂

  12. Shelley Alexander

    Hi Michael, Your article really got me thinking about the meaning of signs and if we take the time to notice and act on them in our lives. I know for me I have acted on signs and I have also done things by instinct that worked out postively for me. I think the most important thing is to be motivated to take action to accomplish what you want in life whether you get a sign or not. Thanks for sharing!
    Shelley Alexander recently posted..My Favorite Food and Health QuotesMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Hi Shelley,

      I think you are absolutely right, the biggest thing is to take action. We can see all the signs we want, but if we don’t do something when the sign seems to indicate an action is important, then its hard to expect anything different in our lives. 🙂

    2. Michael

      Hi Shelley,

      Thank you for your kind words. 🙂 I do think that signs are there all the time, but sometimes we just don’t pay attention to them. Maybe more than we think at first; but I surely do agree that action is powerful, and makes so much more sense than sitting around waiting. Nothing wrong with some waiting, but waiting for a sign that is probably already there, that doesn’t serve us so well. 😉

  13. Patricia Gozlan

    Hi Michael,
    I was attracted by this post as I love reading signs when I need to find an answer on something that is not clear, when I need a clear direction when I need to have a confirmation for am important decision I’m about to take.
    On the other hand reading your post I remembered the story with Sigmund Freud when he was listening to a conference smoking a cigar, someone asked him;
    Dr Freud you are enjoying your cigar and according to your theories what does this mean?
    Is there a sign you are not aware of?
    The answer of Dr Freud was: Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!
    So yes we can read the signs to get a direction, something I enjoy doing with myself and my clients and I believe we need to remember that .. a cigar is just a cigar 😉

    Thanks for the wonderful wisdom and share!
    Patricia Gozlan recently posted..How to Conquer Your Fear of Not Having EnoughMy Profile

    1. Michael

      Thank you Patricia. I think the signs are there, but maybe sometimes we aren’t looking in the right direction to see them. In particular, it seems like a lot of people look to the past to find out how to live in the present moment. Not such a bad thing (like when remembering the tea kettle is hot from when you got burned before) but when we are making life choices and the signs are right there in front of us.

      And we would see them, except for the fact that we are turned around looking into our past. Expecting those over-and-done experiences to provide us all the guidance we need to live right now.

      I had my own version of Dr. Freud’s rejoinder that I have used on occasion. “Sometimes the black dog walking down the street barking at midnight is just clearing his throat.” 🙂

  14. Lenny

    WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for signs from the Universe and this was perfect.

  15. Rod

    I used to read smaller posts because I thought they would be easier to understand, but this post is longer and very clear. Thank you.

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