A Little Rain

a little rain

Just A Few Showers

Is it true, what they say, that into every day, a little rain must fall?

Well, if I was going to be looking at that idea (and writing about it), I would want to be thinking about that idea to see if it was really true.

Lots of folks are of the opinion that there are good days and bad days. That sometimes the sun shines and there are lollypops blooming from every corner, all dogs are friendly, and they win a lottery scratcher.

But that at other times, your earring falls into the toilet, the mayonnaise is spoiled, you don’t have enough gas to get to the gas station and your obnoxious cousin on your Mom’s side is arriving for an indefinite visit.

They Are Absolutely Correct

Well, people who think things are good and/or bad are absolutely correct. That is exactly how those things are.

To Them

The truth is that stuff like that does happen sometimes. As a matter of fact, those things happen all the time. Our entire lives are filled with happenings. Full of

  • Smiling Children
  • Smushy Bananas
  • Stolen kisses
  • Loud Digestive Noises In Public


But how we see them is only that, how we see them.


There Are no Spreadsheets

There are no lists of good or bad things sitting somewhere in a box, waiting to be called into action to fill our days with happiness or misery. There are no spreadsheets or databases crammed full of records listing all the terrific or terrible things that have happened to us so that next time the powers that be can check our files and give us the other kind of day.

Our days are just what we make of them through our thoughts. Nothing more than that and certainly nothing less.

We have the absolute and awesome power over the way we think.

And the way we think makes a huge difference in the way we feel.

And the way we feel changes our days from good to horrible and from horrendous to fabulous. This is how the Universe is set up, with you in charge of your day. Now true enough, you might sometime run into someone who is absolutely sure that you are not feeling or thinking in the correct way.


An Extreme Example

I mean, how could anyone (for instance) feel anything other than horrible at finding out that their mother had died. This is just an example we are using here today.

Sure, there might be someone who felt differently than horrible. And it probably wouldn’t take much to think of a situation where that could be true. Say, for instance, if a there was a mother who had lived a long and beautiful life full of joy and happiness, but who had come down with a difficult case of terminal cancer in her 92nd year of life.

The kind of cancer that can only be managed by increasingly higher doses of morphine until the pain became so great that even a constant drip of opiates cannot dull the pain even for a single breath.

Isn’t it possible that when this mother passes, that her children might be feeling a mixture of sadness at her passing but at the same time a sense of relief that their beloved mother would not be subjected to intense suffering with every breath.

I think that could be the case.


Here's The Deal

And the deal with things that everybody knows are true, like good days, bad days and sorrow at people’s passing, is that if you can find or even imagine some possible circumstance where you could conceivably feel different than other people think you should, then that means, those things were never true to begin with.

And you are indeed free to think and feel exactly how you want to think and feel.

traffic light and flower

What Are You Looking At?

And that means you have all kinds of freedom to think about stuff that happens the way you would prefer to. Like when you are stuck at the red lights, instead of cursing yourself for not getting up 5 minutes earlier, you could look out the window where your car is stopped and see if there are any flowers for you to enjoy.

Or the next time they are out of super, duper, vanilla steamer mocha choco dazzachino mix at the coffee shop, you could try something new that you have always wanted to try but always seem to forget when it’s your turn to order.

You get to pick. You get to choose. And when you know that and do that in the course of your day, you will realize the tremendously awesome power and control you have over your life.

And that realization will totally rock.


6 Comments on “A Little Rain”

  1. Susan

    I think YOU totally rock. Thank You for these messages that always make me feel FABULOUS. I really like knowing that I alone control what happens in my life. Sending hugs today.


    1. Michael

      Thank you. And thank you very much for all your lovely comments and the hugs. Once we get that, that we are in charge of how we think and what we think, the things we can do in our lives are quite amazing. I don’t know if you have read through our site, but Susan is my wife’s name too.

  2. Gilbert

    I want to thank you for this message and all of the daily messages that you send. I use to think and focus on all of the bad things that happen to me that day. Now when things go bad, and I feel like getting mad at the world, I now take time to relax and govern my thoughts, so that I can be in control of my thoughts and emotions. I now chose to have a great day even if the world wants me to have a bad one. I chose life and happiness. Thank you for sharing your wonderful message and great love.
    God Blessings !!!

    1. Michael

      Thank you for your very kind words, Gilbert. You are absolutely right, focusing on the good, choosing life and happiness and being in charge of your thoughts is a fabulous way to live. Have a wonderful day today.

      1. Susan

        I find that when I am allowing bad thoughts into my head (the inner chatter box that I am re-training to say GOOD stuff), that if I just STOP and BREATHE it is so helpful. I ALWAYS breathe in Peace and Happiness, and exhale tension and ugly thoughts. I do this 3-5 times. This really helps keep me in check. It is so much more rewarding to focus on all the good in my life. Thank You for opening my eyes. And, how funny that your wife is Susan. It’s a great name!

        1. Michael

          Breathing is a great way to let go of thoughts you don’t want in your head. And when you deliberately exhale those bad thoughts, it’s like a signal to the good ones that it’s party time, and they rush in to fill up your mind. I agree, Susan is a great name.

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