2011 Thank You

christmas wreathA lot of people write a lot of words around Christmastime. Nothing wrong with that, at ALOL we like words. 🙂

Words are like a bridge that lets us share what we are feeling and thinking with others. And they are really good at doing that. Sometimes, though some of the emotion gets filtered out  a bit as we search for the right words to perfectly express what we are feeling.

And in cases like that, we have a tendency to use more words rather than less.

Not every time, of course, but when we are looking for the perfect way to say exactly what we mean, we might stick a few extra words in there, just to make sure that the person listening to us understands what we mean.

So we put together a little list of words that express ideas and feelings in just a few words. Feel free to use these as you wish.

Important Things To Say For The Holidays


In Just A Few Words

  • Thank You
  • Please
  • How Can I Help You
  • I Am So Happy To See You
  • Could You Help Me For A Moment
  • My Day Is Even Better Now That We're Together
  • Yes
  • I Am Happy Being Here With You
  • How Are You
  • I Am Glad I get To See You
  • I Love You


Take these words, use them as many times as you wish during the holiday season ( or any time actually) and if you really want to have a fabulous day, say them to someone while you are looking into their eyes. It is amazing how the both of you will feel.

Interestingly, the more you use these, the more opportunities to say them show up in your life, and the more opportunities to say these show up, the more wonderful your day becomes. Instantly.

Have a wonderful holiday season, you deserve it.

Thank you.

Your Friends At ALOL



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    1. Michael

      Thank you for reading and writing, I hope your day is wonderful today and all this holiday season. 🙂

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